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A Follow-Up Message from our CEO

I just wanted to take a moment and provide you with an update and thank you for the positive feedback.  It's important to hear we are moving in the right direct.  Several great suggestions regarding new features and functionality have been received and are currently under review.   Soon, we’ll start sharing some of your ideas to solicit feedback.   
A lot of the feedback we’ve received so far has been concerning Ning 2.0.  We know some of you have made significant investments in customizing your 2.0 networks.  Despite our intent to restart the migration process from 2.0 to 3.0, we won’t be forcing anyone to migrate at this time.  We’re still retooling the process and will make an announcement with more information here when it’s ready to go.
In support news, we’ll complete the transition moving our support back in-house this week.  We’re working diligently to reevaluate our internal policies and procedures to streamline the support experience.  This will take time, but it’s a top priority.
Please keep the feedback coming.  We need to hear the good, the bad and the ugly. As I said previously, I don’t consider you customers but partners, and I look forward to a prosperous partnership! 

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      • Thanks for the info~  It worked!

    • Hi Jesse

      There are a lot nc's willing to help on the Creators forum, if you post some questions into the main forum we will be able to help you there.

      Best Regards

      John :-)

      • Thanks!

  • Great to see you guys on top of things, brings joy to my heart. Keep up the great work guys. By the way thanks for fix the send button. I can now communicate with my members. follow: @brainwavefusion

  • Bryce chat, please, please, I'm grovelling, get chat released..........

    • yes, please, more  grovelling on the chat. If you just coded a chat into Ning 3 you could probably free wheel for a while we would be so delighted and grateful.

      PS Why are we even begging for chat on a social media platform? :(

      • I know, right?  *lol*  It just blows my mind that 3.0 doesn't have chat and we're forced to pay for a third party..........which is killing me b/c it keeps failing!  I'm tired of kicking this companys backside every week when chat fails over and over and OVER again in one day.  Then their email (which is a day late b/c they're 12 hours behind the US and have no 24 hour service) tells me everything should be fine.  So I respond again but will be waiting another day b/c of the 12 hour time difference.  Can you hear my aggravation?  It's FLYING!  I'd truly love to punch the guy in the face.  I'm that annoyed.

  • Thank you for this venue to voice our issues and concerns as you plan and strategize upcoming enhancements to the network.

    As background, I inherited the ADMIN position from the more capable individuals who created our site at after being a member since inception in 2009 and moderator for a number of years, but am totally unversed in the mechanical end of things. Luckily, the previous admin team never migrated from NING2.0 to 3.0, so we were not subjected to many of the woes and maladies that other NingCreators have had to endure these past years under Mode Media ownership.

    Here is my biggest issue -- -- and I don't know if it is a NING programming restriction or simply my lack of understanding. 

    The previous admin team had our site Privacy Controls set such that only the front / main page was viewable by non-members. Over the course of several years, thousands upon thousands of what they thought were "prospective members" had to join simply to take a tour and see if they were interested in truly joining.  What it cause was a huge backlog of one-time Lookie Loos that are not and never have been a contributor, and last year we hit the 100,000 member ceiling for our plan. After taking over the administrative duties of the site as a volunteer, I ran an analysis of the memberdata.cvs download of the full membership (I am a collateral examiner and forensic auditor for a commercial bank by trade, and used to dealing with huge databases) and immediately identified well over 30,000 memberships which were more than one year old but never revisited the network (last sign-in date) after their member account was created. 

    I am told that NING does not currently have a method to systematic purge inactive / dead accounts, so we have been forced to tediously and manually open, view and delete over 15,000 accounts these past 10 months to keep our membership below the 100K mark so that it doesn't freeze out new member requests.

    Q:  What can be done to allow for a PURGE of identified inactive accounts from BULK LIST of profile addresses?

    • Hi Kevin,

      Thanks for your patience.

      The management has reviewed your suggestion, and according to the plan that we have, there will be an easier way to spot inactive user when the new design would release, however, according to the plan it should approximately happen closer to the end of the year.

      Best regards,

      Ning Team.

      • Thanks, but SPOTTING them has never been the issue - - - it is DELETING the inactive members that is so burdensome and tedious of a task
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