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Acquisition Update

We’re happy to report that we have a bit more information we can now share publicly with you.  While Cyndx LLC took over Ning operations last week, they were ultimately outbid by another company, which has entered into an agreement with Mode Media to acquire Ning.  We can’t yet share the name of this company with you but will make an official announcement tomorrow with more information.

In the meantime, our team is keeping their heads down working to resolve accessibility issues, squash new and outstanding bugs, and answer your tickets and calls.  We’ve started tracking some of the more visible bugs (and their fixes) on our new Known & Recent Resolved Issues page.  You can also find this page listed nestled under the top-level News tab from any page on our Creators Network.

We also know that October 1st is fast approaching, and you have questions about the stated price increase.  Please stay tuned, as we’ll provide an update on that, as well, in tomorrow’s announcement.

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  • I am trying to stay patient and positive, but have had to shuffle personnel as I wait for the latest fix: all site formatting blows up when trying to do anything as an administrator or member. This means I can't update the site at all. My biggest frustration is the lack of communication. I just want to know that someone is working on my issue...

  • I have to say that as upset as I was last weekend about being left out in the cold, I want to hear what the new company has to say.  I do want specific though:

    1) I just paid my annual fee, I want to know that contract will not change until September of next year.  I paid in good faith for 365 days and I would like that honored.

    2) I want to know what the support structure will be, starting today.  I feel we are entitled to know someone is out there AND be able to reach someone.  Leaving us unmanned for 72 hours was unfair, unjust and uncalled for. As others have stated that outage cost me money I cannot afford.

    3) I want to assure my members that a 3 day outage is no longer an option from the company we have chosen to supply our continuity.

    I do not think asking for assurance and answers for these three items is out of line.  Staying positive and hoping for a buyer for NING that cares about customers

  • Sorry to hear some people can still not access their sites properly. When my site was down i could not access here either, or any ning, though in the end I used a Tor browser and it did work. It is pretty frustrating when locked out. But the fix to the design template reversion is holding really well - I wonder why it was not implemented before. Perhaps there was no staff?

  • Here I sit on yet another Ning Platform based site, and the page is refusing to fully load, I have had to click try again 2 times so far and it never fully loads, but continually appears to be trying. Yet again I am stuck with a site that is unusable. That means I get to receive angry "WTF" type messages from irritated members who are trying to do anything on my site, and I have no way to help them or even myself with that. It is incredibly hard to try to be patient or to avoid complaining when we are continuing to have these kind of issues this overly often. Well. Great, I have the problem loading page error message for the 3rd time on this site, and the 5 times on my own site. Is anyone else having this kind of a problem on the sites or is it just me? I don't even know if I can get this to post. So, if you see it, I made it will, and if not, I will keep trying.


    • Billing was fired. Every Mode Media employee was fired. Tech support and IT are all that's left at the moment. They're contracted services.

      • TY...I GOT THEIR SUBCONTRACTORS...announcement tomorrow with more information .DO YOU HAVE INFO WHEN??

  • Been following this here over the last week or so. Damn I feel for you guys. Fingers crossed for tomorrow. I'd say this is a good thing as after looking Cyndx, they're not a company involved in any way with social networking and community websites.

    Let's hope a more relevant and friendly company crop up here tomorrow. Good luck everyone!

  • My site has been misfunctioning since last night, my reports of it to support were dismissed.

    It appears to only effect connections on certain nodes.

    Fix this or the new company taking over will have one less customer.

    • Im pleased to say my site is back operational however no explanation has been given for this latest issue or the cause of the 500 errors that been occurring since the 17th of September!

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