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Acquisition Update

We’re happy to report that we have a bit more information we can now share publicly with you.  While Cyndx LLC took over Ning operations last week, they were ultimately outbid by another company, which has entered into an agreement with Mode Media to acquire Ning.  We can’t yet share the name of this company with you but will make an official announcement tomorrow with more information.

In the meantime, our team is keeping their heads down working to resolve accessibility issues, squash new and outstanding bugs, and answer your tickets and calls.  We’ve started tracking some of the more visible bugs (and their fixes) on our new Known & Recent Resolved Issues page.  You can also find this page listed nestled under the top-level News tab from any page on our Creators Network.

We also know that October 1st is fast approaching, and you have questions about the stated price increase.  Please stay tuned, as we’ll provide an update on that, as well, in tomorrow’s announcement.

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                    • I've had troublemakers too, Shadow and have  learned a lot about sociopaths and thieves. I was one of the first in the craft community to start a site in 2009 and  6 people (that I know of) joined my site, paid a subscription then copied all of my work to start their own site. None survived but it caused a lot of stress and I've lost trust in people. 

                    • I have always watched for this with my site from seeing what happened to Humanity healng site.. FBI even got involved (supposedly) but yet I still get spammed from the guy who hit their site and I was just a member.. just hope if people are doing the above they make sure others addys are not shown in "sent from". on site and in groups are private to non admin.. and is reason..

                      and I been here since pre 2009 I think not long.. get satisfaction was still here for sometime then.. maybe 9 months before they left.. have seen allot.. learned allot.. some the hardway lol.

                  • Kos,

                    I no longer export but what I have done is go to using Mailchimp.  I keep an ongoing list of member email addresses there.  When the site went down last time, I made it into a contest.  Sent out an email telling them NING has issues again and to keep checking.  When they are able to get in update their status with I am in and 24 hours later I will draw a name.

                    It kept my members engaged and most importantly, it let them know I am here and care

                    • Curious so others can know.. as if our site is down and cant reach members we have to lump it .. sharing addys outside of site is basically stalking them.. to contact them.. and putting addy at risk in sent from" so am curious with Mail chimp have never heard of it.. does it show addys in sent to..? when we get addys on site that's the limit of our access.. no permission by them otherwise.. but I would like or ask members if is ok first..

                    • Part of my terms is that it is ok to email them and to be fair they ALL have access to one of my emails.  The sent from is the address they all have as you can set it from whatever email you own.  They do NOT see any address other than mine and do not even know how many others get it.  

                      Even my sponsors, that do not have an active acct's on iknifecollector get the emails.  Every week I send out an update on our live chats and I rotate sponsors on that email.  Keeps them up to date and let's them know we are actively promoting their stores. 

                    • Nice job Janice!  Yes, I think it's important to contain emails somewhere off site.....for just those moments when Ning fails.  You can still reach out and touch them, reassuring that all is well or to oversee an Event.  I would never hand the info out to anyone other than myself.  That's asking for doom.  lol

    • I agree... Even with the price increase it's still much cheaper than Jamroom at $720,00 a year.

      • ours will be 1200.. 600 is fair.. if they go 700 for pro would be also considered fair.. 1200 no.. and I think allot are missing this number which is what we are being charged in new year.. as many as I see saying 60 a month is average for all platforms they forgetting ours will be 100 a month.. so hope new post considers some new reasonable prices for some like us..

  • I've been with Ning for 8 years, meaning I was here before it was a paid format.  I was lucky enough not to have my site go down this weekend, but have been working on size reduction, because there's no way I can afford the 51% price increase for Ning 2.0 on a fixed income, and must downgrade..  

    Access to my dashboard disappear for most of Sunday and Monday, meaning there was no way to tell what their estimate of my site's space usage.  The ticket I've been waiting for a response to since last Friday, notified them that although I've deleted massive number of games I was running on the site, the graphics associated with them did not disappear, and I can still post a whole database full of code (for those images) and each and every one of them pulls up the original image. That means that their API 80 files are still being associated with my site size. This is a major problem, so anyone else who is in a downgrade mode should be aware that the dashboard report of the space you're using is totally incorrect.  I was told that they cannot provide a list of these files, which says to me that probably everyone's graphic files were dumped into that space and cannot be segregated to provide us with a true size usage.  Video, Music, and membership uploads of photos are all delete-able, but uploaded images for your site are not. 

  • My site has been misfunctioning since last night, my reports of it to support were dismissed.

    It appears to only effect connections on certain nodes.

    Fix this or the new company taking over will have one less customer.

This reply was deleted.