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Acquisition Update

We’re happy to report that we have a bit more information we can now share publicly with you.  While Cyndx LLC took over Ning operations last week, they were ultimately outbid by another company, which has entered into an agreement with Mode Media to acquire Ning.  We can’t yet share the name of this company with you but will make an official announcement tomorrow with more information.

In the meantime, our team is keeping their heads down working to resolve accessibility issues, squash new and outstanding bugs, and answer your tickets and calls.  We’ve started tracking some of the more visible bugs (and their fixes) on our new Known & Recent Resolved Issues page.  You can also find this page listed nestled under the top-level News tab from any page on our Creators Network.

We also know that October 1st is fast approaching, and you have questions about the stated price increase.  Please stay tuned, as we’ll provide an update on that, as well, in tomorrow’s announcement.

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          • NC for Hire

            Hi Valerie, yeah, I didn't see it until tonight. Thanks again. I have a good feeling about it all, for the first time in a very long time. =)

  • I wonder if they will finally remove the mode branding from the footers? I I would really like it if they did.

  • I'm NOT happy to report that I haven't been able to access my dashboard ALL day!! Grrr  All I get is a Our apologies screen or 500 errors!

    • Kim, this was happening to me during the weekend we were all waiting for the new buyers announcement.  Sometimes I was able to get in by just putting my cursor at the end of the URL and repeatedly hitting enter, until it let me in. They do seem to be having a major problem with the Manage facility, though.  

    • I was completely unable to access my site, or any Ning sites for 5 whole days. I was not the happy camper I tend to normally be.

  • You have some serious delusions sending me a bill for 500 errors. .. you fix this and we will pay. In the meantime, your competitors are eating your lunch. Your secret investors are buying the Titanic.

  • I could be wrong, I often am however in this case I want to send a message. I want the good people at Face Book to think about what they are engaged in. If you are blocking posts that promote SaveNatureFREE ((or the login page for new members)) you are engaged in cyber terrorism, libel for your actions in the Courts. Are you just out to get paid for your work or are you helping your boss act illegally. Facebook could be sued foe many millions reducing your chance of a pay increase FACEBOOK

  • You said... "We can’t yet share the name of this company with you but will make an official announcement tomorrow with more information."

    Sept 28 has passed and you have failed to do what you promised (post the name of the company) acquiring NING through an agreement with Mode Media? Legal action has been commenced. Consumers are entitled to know the name of the business they are paying.

  • Olá  Equipe, Bom Dia

    Venho aqui mais uma vez pedir a equipe as atualizações necessárias para que possamos manter as Comunidades, tais como:

    1. Opção de Comunidades PRIVADAS, onde o membro pode adicionar e esperar aprovação. Pois em todas as redes funciona desta forma!

    2. Lixeira nos TÓPICOS, para que possamos excluir postagens de terceiros. Estamos tendo grandes problemas nas COMUNIDADES, pois os proprietários não tem acesso à este recursos cabendo apenas ao Administrador da REDE e, isto é inviável, já que não temos disponibilidade integral para verificar todas as Comunidades. Minha REDE, não cresce devido à vários problemas mas, as reclamações perpassam por este problema  e o fato da rede ser pesada.

    3. Implantação do CHAT. Não entendo que no 2.0, tenha e no 3.0, não. Pessoal reclama a falta deste recurso.

    4. Visualizações de perfil

    OBS: Quero continuar com a REDE. No entanto, para que eu consiga membros é importantes a inclusão de novas FERRAMENTAS.

    O pessoal busca algo que se seja mais próximo do antigo ORKUT.

    Aguardo RETORNO

This reply was deleted.