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As of now you can easily prevent spammy and bots’ massages on your networks using CAPTCHA option. 

It is available both for Ning 2.0 and Ning 3.0 platforms.

You can enable CAPTCHA in General Settings of your Network. Simply go to Social Site Manager section, if you are on Ning 3.0 or to Settings Network Details if you are on Ning 2.0 .

You can read more detailed info in our Help Center for both platforms here:…/captcha-no-bots-spammy-content/

We use latest version of reCaptcha form Google which uses an advanced risk analysis engine and adaptive CAPTCHAs to keep automated software from engaging in abusive activities on your network. It does this while letting your valid users pass through with ease. Read more about Google CAPTCHA here -…

Please note: 
Even if you disable it, your new member will see CAPTCHA once when they're on registration page.

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  • my website goes to a white page. I can't even login.
    • Hi Dan,

      As we can see you have resolved your issue the same day with our CS representative.

      Best regards,

      Ning Team.

  • Just so you know, this new CAPTCHA is causing a lot of posting problems on my network. Since this thing was added, I've had quite a few members unable to post new discussions or reply to discussions. At first, I couldn't figure out what was going on. I'd forgotten all about this new feature. But this morning, a member told me she couldn't post birthday greetings in various groups because she kept getting this captcha prompt.  BAM! I made the connection.  I disabled that thing and now my members can post discussions and replies again. Apparently, some people are not seeing that captcha message when they try to post; they just are unable to post (the timer just goes round and round and nothing happens.) This causes confusion (and frustration) because there is no error message or no captcha.

    I can understand that some sites need this kind of protection, but it is not necessary for my site. We love when people post a lot! (I approve all members, so a spammer has little chance of making it through my approval process.)  

    This is not a complaint. I just wanted to post this in case other networks were having similar issues.  

  • Now all the Latest Activity feeds everywhere seem to be gone. Not just here, but on several sites I checked including my own.

    • Hi Anam,

      We do apologise for the inconveniences.

      The report has been created and passed to our tech team.

      As soon as the issue will be resolved we will contact you back by the email that you have used t create the network.

      Bets regards,

      Ning Team

  • Why have you removed the Latest Activity feed from Creators Ning?

    • Why does the Latest Activity feedhere on Creators now only show Ning's own Facebook posts ?!?

      Pleaze fix it back to before when latest posts from ALL Creators  forum members are showing .

  • Please explain the correct pathway for Ning 2.0 - - as you can see from the image below there is not a Network Details link in the SETTINGS command group.  In fact, it appears we are missing several of the site management options listed in the illustration at the help link provided at (see comparison below).

    We have had and used both the CAPTCHA and sign-up quiz features for a long time for new member approvals.

    • Hi Kevin,

      It seems that you are the administrator of the network. However, only network creator has the ability to submit changes on Network details page.

      Best regards,

      Ning Team.

      • Are you saying that there is a link also in 2.0 that I cannot see?

        Back in July 2015 the website was turned over by it's creator (Link Neal) to the current admin and moderator group, intending it to be from that time forward a 100% fan-based and fan-run site. I manage all day-to-day operations and moderators monitor all membership and content. 

        What do you need from Link Neal to document and complete this transfer, so that I or another can be substituted as NETWORK CREATOR?

        I can certainly supply you with some e-mail correspondence referencing the transfer of operations, but transferring ownership of the Ning site is perhaps another larger issue. Here is the announcement made to site members at the time:

This reply was deleted.