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Great news for Ning 2.0

All of you have definitely heard about 3.0 Upgrade, but our team also aspires to stay in-line with Ning 2.0 Creators. Your successful experience remains our priority, that is why we are working assiduously on updating the Ning 2.0 platform.

We believe that you will enjoy the changes we are going to implement. Our developers are improving the product and striving to offer you more advanced technical solutions:

1. Currently, our team is working on updating Chats version. You can expect new Chats to go live in the first half of June, and you will be able to choose whether you want to upgrade this feature or stick with the old version. Check your dashboard regularly not to miss this release.

2. As in 3.0 Upgrade, on 2.0 platform you will also be able to monitor your networks analytics. As always, we focus on providing our customers with more optimal and user-friendly solutions, therefore, the function of network analytics, as well as its customization and support options will be available in the near future. 

After analyzing your networks, we decided to provide all Ning 2.0 creators with custom support. So, there is good news for you – we are going to help you out with design and layout. As we do care about your achievements, we want to help you facilitate and improve your own networks. We will monitor them and draw up a list of recommendations for improving the design.

Our mission remains the same - we strive to help our customers to realize their business ideas by offering them a unique opportunity to create and manage their own social networks. We pay precise attention to the quality of our product and your experience with it.

If you want to upgrade a Ning 2.0 Network to Ning 3.0, you will get the ability to import Ning 2.0 members and content to Ning 3.0. Migration script is currently under active development. Please fill in our migration form if you are interested so that we can put you on the waiting list and you'll get all important information via email as soon as the migration script is ready. 

If you have any suggestions or you need help, contact us via email or live chat.

We are grateful for your staying with us and inspiring our development!

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    • Hi Javier,

      Yes, Kos is right, at this point, it's impossible to create a brand new network based on Ning 2.0.

      The only one way to get it is to find the person who doesn't wish to run the network anymore and ask him/her to transfer the ownership of that network to you. 

      Best regards,

      Ning Team.

    • See my response to that below........Ning is not issuing "new" 2.0 sites so you have to obtain an old one.

  • I think I may know the answer but just in case - is it possible to get a 2.0?  I realize new customers may not have that option but what about those who have been with Ning through all the changes?

    • Still to this day I do not understand why we were hounded into moving from the Ning 2.0 platform to the NIng 3.0 platform with threats that Ning 2 was being closed down and that was years ago now. Biggest mistake I ever made was moving from 2.0 to 3.0, it just isn't the same! :(

      • HI there!

        We do apologise for the decisions that have been made by the previous owners, unfortunately, at this moment we can just guess why they have done so.

        Meanwhile, as you may see we are diligently developing 3.0 platform to make it even better then 2.0 is, and we hope that you would change your mind regarding Ning 3.0

        Best regards,

        Ning Team.

    • Hi Kathleen,

      As Kos already mentioned you can start the discussion about obtaining the ownership of the 2.0 network.

      Also, you can look through the forum and check is there any posts like this one, and contact the person who has started the discussion.

      With a bit of luck, I hope you would find what you are looking for.


      Ning Team.

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    • You'll have to post in forums to see who has one available (I'm sure there are) but I highly doubt it will be free.  Good luck!

  • Glad you're taking a closer look at the migration code.  There were a few glitches back in the day and the people were pulled before they were able to fix it. 

    Can you explain a bit of what the new chat upgrade will entail?

    • Hi Kos,

      The update for the chat would be released soon, so you will see what it's all about in the near feature.

      Before the release, I just cannot post spoilers here, have to keep the intrigue ;-)

      Best regards,

      Ning Team.

      • How are you doing on this "You can expect new Chats to go live in the first half of June, and you will be able to choose whether you want to upgrade this feature or stick with the old version. Check your dashboard regularly not to miss this release."?

This reply was deleted.