What do you think about the storage for Nin Plus? 10G is a good storage for networks with the focus on debates and blogs (not photos or videos)? 

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Point taken, but you specifically asked about blogs and forums so I doubt you'll get anywhere near the limits. A tip on photos that you include in your posts and pages is to upload them here on creators and use img location option to insert them on your site. Realistically, the only way you'll touch the limits is with a site really heavy on photo and video uploads. Ricardo must be well over because I have not ever heard of people being charged extra.

Now we have and I want a way to not think about this with Ning Platinum ;) or with the possibility to buy more storage. This is reasonable.

i understand you all wanting a NING platinum but since it was pointed out above that NING competitors are offering unlimited storage and bandwidth across the board on all their plans i think NING should follow suit..they have adopted a policy to ignore over usage anyway because creators have no tools to track usage so the simplest answer here would be to slightly raise NING plus and pro subscription rates to offset extra server maintenance costs and make unlimited storage and bandwidth for plus and pro accounts a reality

Yeah, they are ofering unlimited storage but they are far behind Ning in other aspects. They are not an option. And Ning do not ignore usage (please, read the debate).

SweetPotato: the problem is this, For the first six months of our site, I was just a user and the administrators did not control the size of photos, so we ended up with lots of photos of 10 Mb, at some point we started to correct our members, but the server was already full. Moreover, there is no limitation on the music that weighs a lot. The ning warned us that we were near the limit, but asking users to delete the photos and the music would have meant the death of the site ..

At this point, we decided to pay more, but also to be more strict with the rules, but since there is not an automatic system, we have to check the photos one by one and is a huge job

For the same reason we would ask all members to delete their music (three songs are enough for us), but we don't do that because we should have to control about 1200 members! For this reason,before we get to pay more, we require an automatic limiter (if you can limit the number of photos per day or per week, you could also limit the number of songs and size of the pictures ..) and to have the possibility to check our space left. Otherwise, we consider 'platinum contract' as a good idea.

78 euros a mounth is a lot of money, especially when you don't know how far you're going to pay and you have no instruments to control your storage

The problem is that you are in a very small minority of people that this affects. Clearly not enough of us are near the limits for it to be worthwhile for Ning to implement this solution right now. Unfortunate, I agree, but we all have things we'd like changed that suit us personally that will never happen or not happen soon. :-(

I agree, the real problem is that not many are in my same situation, but soon will facethe question that is not a possibility but a certainty.

I'd like to remark this fact to all creators. How much do you pay?

Yeah. We have to solve this in theory before it becomes a real problem. It is not clear, SweetPotato?

Riccardo, I was thinking that if we have the possibility to allow only photos of an external album (like Picasa), many of the problems raised here would disappear.

Also the music: each mp3 file weighs about 12/13 Mb

After the debate, we have this sugestions to Ning:

1) The possibility to allow only photos and music of an external source.

2) A Ning Platinum plan: unlimited everything with all the features.

3) The possibility to buy more units of storage for Mini and Plus plans.

4) A way to verify and control storage.

So, to close this topic, we now need just some light from the Ning team about the susgestions.

Hi everyone,

I think Thiago's comments above are a good summary of the feedback you've all provided in this discussion. We appreciate it, and we'll take it into consideration.

Since the discussion is starting to become a bit circular, I think I'll go ahead and close it to new replies for now. Again, if you have any specific questions about your network's usage, please send us a support ticket from your My Network Dashboard.


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