Hi Everyone,

I have been coming across 2 posting problem that I think can be easily fixed.

1. A time limit on the original post in a forum.  If someone creates a post in a forum, they can go back and modify it without a time limit.  I think it would be better if it was locked for editing after a certain time frame especially if there are responses.  I also think the same thing should be for blogs.

I know if they leave that their discussions will remain but they can go in and manually delete/edit them if they wish.  The problem here is that if a disgruntled member left, they could edit it to say anything and I, as an creator, would never know because it will not show up on the activity screen.

2. The ability to hide forum posts/Blog Posts/Groups from one's profile.  If anybody knows a good .css fix for this, I would sure appreciate it!

Recently, one of our members was going through a rough time.  She posted blogs and created posts in the forums.  She got past her problems but did not like that her old baggage was still attached to her profile.  Her friends could click the links on her profile and see what she had written.

She then went back and deleted her blogs but also edited every one of her forum posts to a single word. 

Then she deleted her profile and asked that I give her a new one.  Now, she will not participate in the forums or blogs.  That is fine and her choice but she is telling others to be careful about what they post.  I have had 2 people since do the same thing.  They left and wanted a new profile.

I guess that I can understand where they are coming from especially due to the nature of my site.  We help a lot of people who are in a bad way when they first join.  They want to talk freely without leaving a huge paper trail.   

If I could just hide the links for now, I would appreciate any help!


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#2 should be possible with some CSS or JS. I'm not sure about #1, but I don't think that's as doable. I hope some fellow NCs are able to share some CSS for this!


Hi Tyler,

Thanks for asking about #2 on my site.  I replied there with some jQuery code that works for me on my site.  Note that my site uses the old Design Editor, not the new Design Studio. 

If my code doesn't work or there is a better way, perhaps another NC will come by and build on what I have already done.  I feel that this could better be done using CSS and made an attempt but it didn't seem to work for me.  You can read about what CSS I tried, at my site.


Thanks and best wishes!


TJ...once again...You Da Man!   That worked perfectly!

Thank you!

You're welcome, I'm glad the code worked for you!


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