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So far it is so great to see we are now getting some fantastic communication by the New Ning team, it has not gone un-noticed and is very much appreciated. Also I know they are working hard getting the platform stable and yes there are still going to be some issues while they do this but at least now we know there is a light at the end of the tunnel. So in this post I am not going to mention any of the issues while the team get things together but rather what I hope to see coming soon into the new year.

First of all though I would like to extend my own gratitude to the sterling work the new team are doing so far and I am sure it has not been easy taking over this platform, thanks Ning Team and keep up the good work.

So here are a few items I would like to see in no particular order and I am sure other Creators have some items they might want not on this list.

  • Photo Albums For Members and maybe with option to have categories for them also
  • Video page and members video pages and maybe even albums for those too. Not so much being able to upload as I know that takes a lot of space but being able to add by link or embed
  • Search For The Site and maybe search options for forums etc on those features
  • Events would be nice
  • Photo titles in the list pages, there has been some great code shared to be able to do this but would be nice not to have to do this
  • For designers an option to be able to add input box's would be great
  • Notifications added to the Ning bar

Well I am sure there is much more but for me these are the things I am hoping to see onto the platform.

John :-)

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  • Hi John,

    Thanks for your suggestions. Some of them were in our plan already, and those which we have missed I have already passed to the management.



    • Hi Kyryl, thanks for the reply and this is great news and see some other items are also in the plan that others have posted which is fantastic

      This sort of communication by you and the Ning team is very refreshing as we have so missed that on the Creators forum so a very big thankyou for that. Great to see the potential of Ning 3 finally being realised as it is a great platform and think it will be the goto platform for anyone wanting a social network as time goes on.

      keep up the good work

      John :-)

  • The killer additions I'd like to see on v3.00:

    • Being able to use member categories as a searchable directory with paid-for levels of entry.
    • Paid membership (with different categories pricing depending on member type)
    • Being able to restrict (or open up) different content sections to certain member categories.
    • An in-built rotating advertising module with tracking.
    • Automatically send content to desired Twitter or Facebook (v3.00)
    • In-built chat (like v2.00 has).
    • In-built newsletter with click tracking.
    • In-built shop facility so that our members can upload their products.
    • This is just a snippet of what I think Ning 3.00 needs.

    BTW great atmosphere developing here on NC. 

    Really lovely to see Ning in the forum too.

    Keep up the good work guys:-))

    • Hi Philip,

      Thanks for nice words and your bright thoughts. I have already updated todays report with all your ideas to make sure that they won't be lost here on the forum.

      Thanks again,

      Ning Team.

  • Chat

    and my old chestnut...Comments left on Group Walls appearing in Latest Activity Feed. I fought a long hard battle on that before I gave up :D

    But anyways...

    Chat would be nice. CometChat has changed format and its not as nice at all.

    • Hi there,

      In that case we have a good news for you. The chat feature is already in the plan.

      Best wishes,

      Ning Team.

      • OMG! :D

This reply was deleted.

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