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When members sign up there is usually a drop down list of countries for the members to choose from before adding city. May be that list needs to be updated as new countries emerge in the world. I have received complaints from members who can not find their countries on that list. They have the option to just choose a neighboring country but it makes them feel bad. The most recent complaint is from a member whose country is  Abkhazia. (To be honest it was the first time I heard of that country). She had to sadly choose Russia. I will enclose the message she sent below. There are similar cases especially with disputed territories. Personally speaking I'd be very sad if I couldn't find the name of my beloved country on such a list and probably not join the site.

On our network we have a page where members can search for other members by country and I can't include this country because the page will have to be linked to an advanced search result page for that country.

My suggestion is: Since Ning cannot have an updated list all the time, it would be nice to add to that drop down list a line which says something like "write your country's name if not found on the list."

Can this problem be solved?

Dear Denis,

Here on MyEE i have to pretend to be living in whatever country but beloved ABKHAZIA (it's my motherland). Maybe the site doesn’t have to follow all the policies a lot of countries have. One of them being non-recognition of Abkhazia.

Would you be so kind as to add Abkhazia to the list of countries on MyEE and the Sukhum city as well? I don't like that the  first thing my friends see on my profile is a LIE... Even though i've been living in Russia for a couple of years, i'm abkhazian and i love my motherland from the bottom of my heart!

If the answer is "no", i'll understand, dear Denis, be sure

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  • Abkhazia is only recognized as a country by Russia. The rest of the world sees it as part of Georgia. One way or another, I liked your suggestion

    • It would be rude to tell the member how unrecognized the country is. I think should be a way to add an empty line where in people in such situations can type in the name of the country and city and it will automatically be shown on the advanced search results.

  • I like this suggestion, and will pass it along. Bonus points for tagging this discussion with "motherland." :)

    Although a bit tedious, one workaround would be to change this from the standard Location question to a multiple choice question. This way, whenever requests like these came in you could accommodate them by adding another choice to the selection. Implementing this change today would force all current members of your site to update their profile questions, but it's something to consider when you upgrade to Ning 3.0 and are presented with the option to update your profile questions.

    You could also supplement the Location question with another non-required Location question and add those results to Advanced Search so that current member responses would be unaffected.

    • Thank you very much Allison for those suggestions especially the one in your last paragraph which I will try to add right now. I hope that suggestion in your last paragraph doesn't force all members to update their profiles like you mentioned.

      Thanks again.

      • I have tried and it works although not really what the user wants. The answer to the new question I have just added: "Where is your hometown?" appears on the profile information section which is usually not visible at a glance especially if a member is an active member. The only advantage with this little solution is that the information  given by the user can be added to the advanced search results.

        Still, the ideal thing would be to have that information (an extra line for a user signing up to add their location if not found o the drop down list) right below the profile picture where you have gender and the "add as a friend" link. That's where we all look first when we visit a member's profile page.

        I hope the tip can calm down the member who complained.

        • I see what you mean about the placement of the location. The multiple choice option isn't ideal, but it will get you part of the way there. It's not likely that this work will be prioritized in the near future, but I have filed it and would love to see the flexibility added in here. Thanks for the request!

    • Hi Allison,

      I could add extra countries to the drop-down list with code, but if I did, would Ning store them properly in their database or would they reject any entry not in the current list?

      Maybe I'll just test that and see what happens!

      Best wishes!


      • That would be a great addition Tj. I trust you can do it.

        • Hi Denis, drop by my site and you'll see what I mean, with my reply about how I tested it.


      • Update - I did test it.

        I injected "United States of America" right under "United States" with country code of US and it gave me United States on my profile page.  I changed country code to UX and it now shows "COUNTRY_UX" so Ning stores countries by their code and if if finds one it doesn't "know" then that's what it displays.

        Possible solution is to add more code to replace COUNTRY_XX with whatever country the XX represents.  Not sure how that would work in Search, probably not at all.  But solves the problem on Profile pages.

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