nah not talking bout that nasty meat like substance

i shut off my paywall for a month since my ads were paying double what they were but the spam started getting annoying i had almost no spam the entire time i had the paywall on..literaly only 1 every 4-6 months

but with it off i got spam a couple to few times a day..

so i turned it back on and figuring some ppl would mybe run into issues i used the add contact link to paywall feature

big mistake! all that did was give me a taste of the spam ning blocks daily im certain it was only a small percentage of the spam blocked

but every 2-3 minutes id get spammy emails

gay porn spam

scam spam you name it

there was alot of it and it was way worse then the lil spam that slips through the filters

if you dont think ning does a good enough job blockimg spam then just try that fpr a day or 2 and see for yourself just how much spam ning does block

but to block spam nearly completely use the paywall as a spam blocker set it to somethig like 1 dollar a year  (or whatever you need to set it at to at least cover the monthly fees) 

make it a suggested donation so your not excluding anyone who cant pay for whatever reason

the paywall will block  99.9999% of the 2% that slips through nings filters

in most cases that leaves you with 1 or 2 spammers every few months and nothing else to worry about

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Hi Se , Did you do a Tip on how to set this pay-wall up on creators  .

already is a  paywall discussion  only tip worth asdding is  how to set it up as a suggested donation and determine what to set the price at

as long as u turn on paid access in 1 form or another  (i suggest a low suggested donation  with a 3 or 6 month renewal) then your going to be turning away almost all spammers most are cut n paste if not fully automated bots  most are from china where they earn a dollar a day to spam tens of thousands of sites they hit a paywall they either cant read it or dont read it they just see a charge and they move on

even if its possible to still join free by setting it to 0.00

the fact that theres a charge of any type even an optional 1 will turn them way

they cant afford to spend pennies to spam

they are practicly slave labour

its a shame they have to resort to thinfs like spamming to live

and there are so called seo firms out there chargings thousands for link building which  in the end ends up going to  these chinese spam farms  where they  earn enough for a slice of bread a day  and spam the hell outta thousands of sites

funniest part is 99% of the work they do is deleted  within hours

Hi Se, that is what i meant, to set this up :-) 

turn on paid access,  set it to donation  and suggested at 2.95 every 3 months (1 dollar a months reasonable)

edit the displayed message i made sure to put in all caps YOU DO NOT NEED TO PAY TO JOIN IT IS OPTIONAL

then an explanation of why it helps etc

then publish the paywall spam will stop almost entirely you will get a few extra bucks a momth from donations

if you set it to 0.00 do spammers still get in

you dont set it to 0.00 you set a donation range from 0.00 to 19999.99 with a suggested of 1 2 3 or 4  your members can set it to 0.00

but almost no spammers will figure that out

no stand

ce que j'ai coimpris c'est des petit chinois qui sont payer une misre pour envahir les reseau ning?

et en fesant blocage via paypal ca peut les retenir a nous ennuyer?

mais je comprend pas le trucs des spam pourquoi agir de cet sorte ils on quoi a gagner je comprend pas le concept humain et les captcha servent quoi i am sorry je comprend pas tout ca sur le net pourquoi ennuyer des gens virtuel  en tout cas merci de ton astuce mais comment on fait on va ou pour payer 1 euro merci a toi et bonne journee sorry speak englisch not good i am french snifffff perdue ici dans ce monde universel 

et la traduction de ce a été brouillé et confus. Tellement Im ne savez pas comment répondre.
mais je vais essayer de clarifier.
benifit sites de liens vers eux, les sites contraires à l'éthique payer pour des liens. Parfois, ces liens sont confiées à des chinois anti-spam houseswhere ils sont très peu payés de spam de nombreux sites.
en mettant en place un paywall (accès payant) avec un don suggéré, vous pouvez bloquer le spam quasi-totalité

There persistent !!

still getting them afyter turning on paid access?

for me it pretty much stops them completely well i get 1 every several months


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