NING should make a choice for creators to choose between the old one and the new one.I dont like the new editor,its problematic

These are the problems i encountered:


1. When i save work and open text box to edit,everything changes(i.e marquee code will disappear),i start afresh.

2. When i copy html links to 'message broadcast' and send, they appear dead links in the email  inbox,because the links in the new editor are cut shot(without website name).I have to go back re-editing all over.


3. Unlike befoe,all the test broadcast(about 10 of them) i sent to my email,ended up in spam folder.Some appeared blank,i have to resend.


4. It doesnt support all html like the old one did.Lot of time wasted in re-editing and re-saving.It's totally annoying.


Does anyone encounter other problems? 


Pls NING, i need the old editor or kindly fix the new one properly.




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Well said!


On my pages - I can't put javascript in and run the video players (JW Longtail) that teachers all over the world count on). My inbox is screaming etc ....


Simply - Ning, take down this and put it up when it is ready.

I've had complaints people cannot comment to a threaded reply in Chrome.


Emails and DM are showing html. You can see it if you go to reply to someone. It's in the 'quoted text'


Other weird thing was guests to an event all disappeared until I jolted them back to showing by changing my RSVP.



Hey Angus!

I'm replying to this threaded discussion in Chrome. If people are unable to do so, let us know in the Help Center so we can look into it!

We're aware of the HTML in private messages issue and we'll be working to fix that.


Evan:  glad to hear you are working on the HTML showing up in private messages.  My members are freaking out about it because they don't know what it is...thanks.

no file upload facility in groups !! - this facility existed when I signed up to premium plan and is an absolutely essential feature for us which has now disappeared without any notification....

Hey Allan!

We've heard your feedback on this, and are looking at ways to add the button back. For clarity though, are you looking for the ability to add a file to group descriptions, group comments or group discussion replies? It would be great if you could clarify, so we can make sure to work to accomodate what you're looking for.


I would be thrilled, and more inclined to stay with Ning, if the comment box on profile pages had the previous set-up. There has not yet been a definitive answer for the big change. Did Ning receive an enormous amount of complaints about the comment text boxes on profile pages?


The ability to leave a simple comment and/or graphical tag, should be,,, well... simple. I guess it is what it is, and Ning will do however they please regardless of whatever I or others may think. I just wanted an aesthetically pleasing, simple, easy to use community for people to comment on each other's pages, share photos and post in the forum. The groups died first, then the forum, now commenting on each other's pages is problematic and no more fun with Smiley Empire.


Maybe I am too easy to please, so it must change to make me unpleased. I'm unclear on Ning's business philosophies.

I'll not post again, because no one is addressing the needs for change, other than I "must understand the risks" of having functions people like.



thanks for the reply


need to be able to include documents within the main group description text block in addition to   discussions and comments - appreciate your help on getting this functionality back in



Yep, we have the same issue on our site. The "file" button only shows up when you open a new discussion. Other wise, it's just not there on a normal comment. As a matter of fact, the editor is somewhat different from a new discussion to a comment on a members page. I personally like the new editor, but it just needs to be consistent through out.

We have problem with this new editor:

- when we typing (on creating/ editing new discussion) - using Vietnamese language- the web (ning) respond slowly (Examle: chúng tôi xin chào tất cả mọi người). It means that: the text appear so slowly after it had been typed!

- we lost much time when we want to remove link has been created before (old text editor has this button)


Pls consider this!


We like other changes, such as: we can use hot key like Ctrl_B...; numbering, bullets, color, Blockquote

IF Ning Team creat a Thank button on new text editor on comment part?

And the text and picture for content of thank can be modify by Admin...

We cant use html code as:




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