Is anyone else seeing this? The add/share link for event  just starts the eight-fingered star slowly spinning with no result. The other links work w/no problems. I can also go to the event module and add an event. It is enabled for members to add events but I can not do as either NC or member via activity feed add/share link. I've tried this in IE8, Chrome, Firefox (latest stable releases) and Safari over the past 3-4 days. Put in a ticket ref:00D8cCLt.5004G9KKE:ref. Have you tried your add event link on activity feed with success?


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It's to do with the jquery code for Slider


If you remove the jquery code for Slider from the Custom Code section and place it instead in the text box where you have inserted Slider.


In my case the particular code I removed from Custom Code and placed in text box is:


<script src="" type="text/javascript">

Hi stephen,

This code is already in the text box, albeit a different jquery version.

<script src="" type="text/javascript">

and not in the custom code box.

I don't understand the connection between the two.

I had the same problem and just moved the code from Custom Code to the text box and it was cured.

Hey Stephan,

As I said in the other post, the script you said you had moved was already in place on my site, however I did find a piece of "orphaned" code that was the same type of script that I must have missed when I deleted some other code from my custom code box. I cut it and shortly thereafter the event module starting working as expected. I at first thought that Ning had found the solution but their response was that it seemed to be working for them (their investigation must have taken place the day after I removed the code). Anyhow removing that similar type of code must have done the trick. It didn't break anything else so all share/quick add modules are working.

Thanks for the tip!

I told the Ning tech about it so maybe it will help someone else down the line.


mine opens fine, James. are you referring to just opening it to start, or after you enter the data and save?

It does not open via the activity feed link-the other four open with "cut down" mini page to add items w/no problems. The event link starts the spinning star and goes no further. I can, like I said, go to the event module and the link to add event works and opens the full page. I thought maybe it was the network I'm on (my schools), but why do the others open?

very strange, James, good question. I'm not seeing this on my network, I hope you get it resolved soon though.

Well, it's fixed. I don't know if someone from Ning tweaked something or if the God of Glitches deigned to smile upon me. If it were someone from Ning-Thanks very much


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