I've been the only admin on our network since February. The NC has, in his own words, “opted out” of being involved although he does not want to transfer ownership. He has given me the password to the paypal account where our donations are going so I do know what is going on with that and could also disperse funds if I had to. The problem is I am concerned about possible confusion and delays in communicating with him (which have happened in the past) in relation to getting our Ning Plus going and paying for it. Ideally I would like to do this myself but of course that doesn't seem to be possible. We are about three quarters of the way toward having enough money in the account to pay for a full year with the discount but I'm concerned we might not make enough and then the NC would be responsible for making payments every month which I am not sure would happen smoothly given past experiences. Is there any way he or I could give you in one payment all that we have in the account and let that cover us for whatever period of time it would correspond to? This would take a load off my mind not having to be concerned every month about tracking him down and reminding him about making payments.

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Hi, Moon. If you are able to pay for the year, this might work for you. However, I would caution you that if you supply someone else with access to your own accounts they could conceivably charge additional services. Just something to mindful about.
Thank you so much Jaap for clearing these matters up for me somewhat. Could you please explain how this automatic payment system works? Eric, I am sorry to have to say this but it is indeed very discouraging when representatives of Ning do such a cursory job of reading posts and responding to them. I am discovering that support here at the new Ning is woefully inadequate which is especially upsetting when I am planning on paying good money which I have squeezed with no little difficulty from hard pressed members who are not wealthy people. It is making me have misgivings about the whole Ning team and second thoughts about staying here at all. If any higher ups are reading this, which I am sadly doubting, please rectify this situation immediately or your hard work is going to be wasted on networks that see the writing on the wall and do not stick around. I am sorry to be “negative” but this is very upsetting considering all the time and angst I have spent trying to make and keep our network running. Some other threads I have started here have not been responded to at all and my direct contacts are being repeatedly ignored. These questions I have are not insignificant matters. If they were I would not be spending my valuable time on them. The sheer volume of information that seems to be required to run a network is daunting to say the least and searching help is not always fruitful in answering complex and unusual questions. What is additionally galling is this text editor is still not working right and the thread I started about that problem was ignored. Perhaps it was answered somewhere else but couldn't someone take a moment to direct me to that? I am getting very discouraged here. Frankly IMO people like Jaap are extremely important to have around and will be sorely missed, by me anyway.
The automatic payment system, or subscription, works like this: The Network Creator enters a credit card or PayPal number, and each month they are charged for the plan they have purchased. If you are not the Network Creator, you won't be able to purchase a subscription.

You mention that you have started other threads here that have been ignored. Here is one you began that I answered. Please note that Creators is community-based support for Network Creators. Not every question will be answered by a Ning representative. However, if you are a Network Creator and you have submitted a Help Center ticket, share the number with me here and I will do my best to have someone respond to you.
Eric: again you are not carefully reading my posts and are giving me inadequate answers. I have clearly stated that I am an admin not an NC so your advice to get a help center ticket is of no use to me. I am also quite aware that one of my questions was responded to (although with no ascertainable follow through on that suggestion) but the other two were not, by anyone, not to mention the 'contact us' through help which has been completely fruitless. This is not acceptable for $20 per month in my view. I get better support from free sites. Ning has absolutely got to come up with a better and more personalized help system that the admins, who are often the people who actually run the sites, can use. I am sorry if this sounds harsh or angry but please put yourself in my shoes for a moment and you will understand the frustration that I am going through.


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