We strive to run the best targeted ads on all Ning Networks that don't choose to run their own. In order to do this, we need to index the content that's been added and deliver that to our ad providers. The more content that's been added, the more there is to index... and the more we can target the ads we run.

On new Ning Networks, this can take some time — up to a couple of weeks, depending on how much content you and your members have added. In the past, we've run un-targeted ads during this period, so a Ning Network for dog-lovers might have seen weight loss ads (or a Ning Network for dieters could have seen dog-related ads). Soon, instead of running these ads, we're going to begin running public service announcement (PSA) ads in their place.

The ads we'll be running on newly created Ning Networks will point to nonprofit and cause related Ning Networks that are working to do good — fundraising for Haiti, stopping child trafficking and fighting poverty are just a few of their causes. As an added benefit, we'll be able to better track clickthroughs on these ads, and report that data to ad providers we work with. In turn, this will allow us to work with them to offer the most compelling ad solutions for all Ning Networks.

To recap:  we'll begin running ads on all Ning Networks that are both less than 14 days old, and have not purchased the premium service to Go Ad Free. Once content has been indexed, we'll switch over to running the targeted ads you may be used to seeing.

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A+ on this decision.

Just a quick update - we're postponing this for a few days, as we've been releasing some other features and fixes on the Ning Platform. We'll update here when it's live!
I have a Ning social network on a solidarity manner,is there any way that we could get every invite to help a cause as they are doing in facebook?The ads are already on my Network but I have done a few ads of my own but would like Ning to take the control of who takes the benefits.


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