Hello Creators. Cruising around Google Analytics, and don't like what I've found.

Do you have any suggestions on how to make my network faster?

I'm not removing any features. I've seen Ning sites packed with stuff load in a few seconds.

I know it's likely just the order of my Custom Codes and CSS.

So of you pros that know how to use firebug properly (I don't)

Can you please look in the backend of my network and offer suggestions to make my network faster?

Thank you!


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Hi Damien,

 Try using tools.pingdom.com to test your load times with various servers worldwide. Also gives you  tools and suggestions to help. ...checkout cloudflare.com and see what that FREE service can do. It offers more than just a way to block spam. More details and explanations available on these sites. On Pingdom your splash page loads in just over one second, but as you'll see that your main page takes 9++ minutes with almost 300 requests. (that's a lot) ...the "waterfall' will show you your bottlenecks and analysis. Much info and tips available...check it out.

Good luck,


dont use cloudlflare it sucks totaly 

You know what's funny? I removed all Google ads (banned anyways.) and took out images I had in design studio as page backgrounds, module backgrounds, and module header backgrounds... the site already loads much, much faster.

Ning API to look up and imply these images seems to take a long time. I just run white background now, and the network feels much faster. Even scored better on pingdom. :)

why you banned?

Google won't tell me any details. They claim to keep it a secret to avoid people taking advantage of Google loop holes.

I appealed the decision, and they denied my appeal.

Whatever, I didn't want ads in the beginning anyways, and it took all but a year to get up to $100 on Adsense. When I finally get over the payout limit, two DAYS later, they banned me.

So, I've been banned with no explanation, and because Google is such a Tyrant, I have no ground to stand on if I want to fight their decision. Kind of like trying to remove yourself from Facebook. These two companies are taking over the world.. they are also leading us into slavery and no freedom... but that's for another website. (my opinion, please don't comment on that,,, it's not the purpose of Ning Creators.)

i do know why

you had some text above the add what was it?  sponsors

visit our sponsors somethung like that?

thats why its an insentive to click

im sorry i had seen it andmeant to say something  but was too busy  paying attention to other things

Even if he had those text something prompted Google to investigate his site and my best guess is, aggressive clicking. Clicking on your own ads or encouraging users to click on your ads (intentionally or not) are grounds for being banned.


Google knows something's not right when a site has an average of 10 clicks a day with only 5 daily unique page views. A situation like that will surely spark an investigation.

Again...not accusing you of anything, just giving a possible scenario. 

It's possible. I have friends around town that may have been trying to help through clicks.. who knows. They (Google) won't tell me.

I don't even care anymore, I believe they banned me for any reason that they could, I had finally made it over $100, and they were now supposed to pay me. I feel like that was the trigger.

Oh well, AP is faster now without all those ads. I have an amazon affiliate account for camera and equipment sales, I offer a photo gifts online business for my members, etc. So realistically those ads were taking members away from my site, when I have it all built in anyways. Ads just hurt my network I suppose you could say. I'd get ads for canvas prints, but my members can print canvas of any size for an excellent price with AP Photo Gifts, so that ad hurts me. A canon or Nikon ad also hurts, because my members can buy all of what they need right from my amazon affiliate account.

I don't miss the Google Ads, I honestly don't. I'm kind of glad I don't have to think about it anymore. I've got more important things to do on AP.


Site is faster, works for me. Lol

google pays bme 400 every month thats definately not why

and google has a adsence bot that crawls the page when u click to determine the content and  make ads appropriate to the page

that bot reports whats ariund rhe ads

google didnt have to unvestigate the bot investigates on its own but u should have gotten warnings like

google bot detected this issue you have x number of days to  resolve it or be banned

or googlebot detected uni]usul click activitty

they let u know ahead of time  if theres an issue usualy

if your freinfs were clicking thats why

If google banned me, I would have to pay for my ning network and it's not worth paying for with real wages.

I find it well worth it. I don't just pay Ning's fees. I also pay CometChat Max fees, and a monthly fee to own and operate http://apphotogifts.com

for the entire year I've been on Ning, I've always paid out of pocket. I've never "broke even" with investment vs. profit.

I will pay if I have to, it's worth it to me. I didn't build Addictapic for profit, I built it for many reasons besides profit. Obviously I would love if it would pay for itself, but if it doesn't, I won't ever give up. Eventually, if the network grows, maybe it'll turn back a profit, until then, I pay. Happily. :)

D, If I were you I'd set up a photography job board using Jobamatic... in time the revenue from the jobs board will pay for your network...just a tip!


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