I'm looking to add a custom Countdown Clock to my community's homepage (a private community for our customers). Does anyone have any suggestions for a reliable app/website that overs professional-looking custom clocks? The main feature I'm looking for is the ability to customize the background

Here's an example:

Thanks in advance for your help/time,

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Hey, Allison! Other folks might have better suggestions, but if it helps, the countdown clock that is currently on the Main Page of Creators is made with Flash. I purchased it for $7. It's pretty nice. I think that's a fair price to pay for an unbranded clock. All the free ones are probably going to have some sort of logo on them.

It takes a little bit of Flash knowledge to make the changes to one of these. Basically, you have to be able to go in and change the settings. I got mine here. Some of these kinds of timers use Javascript, but the prettier ones are Flash-based.

Hope this helps!
So I downloaded a flash countdown timer, which looks great, however I am not able to upload it along with the XML file which references the date it is counting down towards...any ideas how I can save the swf file with the xml file in same folder location in Ning?

Just FYI - I asked the community about their thoughts on this here: http://creators.ning.com/forum/topics/how-to-save-a-file-with

Sounds like I will not see my $8 worth - in other words $8 is not worth potentially seeing parts of my network inaccessible.


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