Does anyone know if one can create a hierarchical structures and tie relationships to it?

I have looked all over the place but can not find any info about this kind of functionality.

My purpose is to create a site for a school where the members should be students, parents, teachers, principal etc.
The groups created should be for each class and per each class tie the students, parents and teachers etc.
The relationships should be to tie a student to a class and to a teacher, and students should be tied to one or more parents.
The search should be able on per student to see who is the parents, and who is the teacher. Search for the parents and see who is the student and the teacher of the student etc.

Can anyone advice me on this and tell me if this is possible in the current set of functionality by Ning.

I have created a community for the school on Ning, and created the groups for the classes in the school, but any member of the community that signs up ends up on the same level as a member and can not be differentiated from each other according to the above mentioned relationships.


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join www.stellas.ning.com to see how i set ours up. it's not as good as i want it to be, but it works so far.
thanks for the invite.
Can you provide me with a GUEST log in that I can use, and not having to create a new ID?
Have you been able to link a student to a parent, and a teacher to a class, and a teacher to a student etc?
I then I do not just mean by typing a name in a text field, hence it will then not be searchable.
br, Fredrik
I could help but I don't understand what you are going after all that well. So pardon me if what I say doesn't exactly do it for you. We might need a little back and forth. Create have the teachers create groupsfor their classes. Have Students Join the Groups. Name the groups by Last name of teacher and name of class. Have each student upload a picture or placeholder picture of their parents tagged with their name and their parents name with a link to their "My Groups" which would be their classes.

It would be much easier for me to understand better what would work and what would not work for you. You can also augment this all with Google Docs. Feel free to message me if you want.
Thanks, I see what you mean. However, I find this being a kind of modification/rearrangement of the functionality that is available today. I does not really support my need to explicitly set the relationships that I want to be set between any of the members of the school = community.

Are you employed by Ning or do you act as an independent consultant?

Br, Fredrik
sorry, i don't have a guest login setup. you gave me a good idea though.

our profile questions require the parents to state their child's names.

garfield's idea below looks pretty useful but i don't know if i can get my members to followup so well. it's organized chaos here...
Yeah, I have tried that as well, but it does not support my need. The field will not become searchable in the way I want.

Sorry to say, but I do not either believe in the suggestion by Garfield for the same reason that you say.

I hope that someone else can enlighten me in this and tell whether or not there are any options available at Ning to define relationships among members of a site/community.


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