Dear Ning Team,


I tried to send a preview of a broadcast message and didn't receive it. Are broadcast messages working?


Thank you,




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I think there is an issue with a lot of things, including Broadcast messages.  Eric and the team are aware of them and are investigating. 

I never received the previews of my broadcast message I sent out yesterday, and even though my members seem to have received it, I personally never received it.  I also never received a member CSV export file that I did this morning.  There's little glitches like this everywhere since last night.

yes i am having problems with lot of things

message broadcasts

editing text boxes - they are not saving

members writing me that cannot send messages

uploading pictures

sending news to facebook pages

nothing of the above is working for me

Message preview didn't work for me, although the broadcast went out. I've also had problems with status updates, etc. appearing on facebook.

Hi Yaron,

I was able to send a broadcast message on both of my test networks, and the message was sent to all members. However, in one case I didn't get a preview. I've filed this for our engineers to investigate. Diane, I've added your report as well. Is anyone else not getting their previews properly? The more reports I have, the easier it will be for us to isolate the issue.


Fuzzy, which of your networks won't send the previews out? This would be great to know.


Hi Aaron,

I tested my preview on JenSocial yesterday, just to help test. It didn't work. I just tested it again, it did not work.

Hope that helps,


Thanks for the reports, everyone. I'd like to focus on the broadcast preview issue in this thread, so if there are any other issues, please start another thread or send us a ticket through the Support area of your My Network dashboard so we can look into it. Thanks again!




Just tested on my network susanboylereal, and I did not receive a broadcast preview message. The message was received by my members.

I have already opened a ticket about not receiving email alerts for comments, pms etc

[ref:00D8cCLt.5004E2Cjj:ref] can this issue be added to that ticket? I am on Ning Plus and don't want to waste my ticket quota  on an issue that is clearly bigger than my network... Thanks


Hi there, broadcast messages not working here either, well, not the test one anyway.

Also, no message alerts for PMs, comments etc.



I'm not getting my previews either, and I'd really like to see what I'm sending before I do send it. The network is The Human Touch.

I am not getting my previews and am a little worried about sending out a message without one - i have no idea if I can be sure if members will get the member broadcast message.

I also have issues getting my member CSV - I haven't received any notifications at all.

Hey Yaron,

I'm having the same problem! I only used the "Send Me a Preview" link at the bottom left. I checked my spam folder too but not there either. (As of 1/27/11 @ 2:35pm pacific)

I'm glad I saw your post. I was just about to make the same post.

My site is

Aaron, please let us know on this thread when it has been resolved.



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