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Hello Creators, today, I am a new man.

I want to share a quick story/achievement with all of you, in hopes that it may inspire you.

Have you ever wanted some huge company to support your social network? Have you ever though, "Yeah, but I can't just call up the CEO and say hi, how's it going..."

I'm writing to tell you that yes, you can!

I run a photographer's social network, and I thought to myself, sure, I only have 100 members, but imagine if Canon or Nikon endorsed my network?

Seems like a dream right? Seems impossible?

It isn't.

Do yourself a favor, choose the company you want to endorse you, put together the best presentation/package that you can muster, and pick up the phone, send an email, or walk right into the company.

Most people have the thought that major company CEOs and Presidents don't bother with the little guys, they have their agendas. But that's just not true!

I called and emailed both Canon and Nikon, hoping they would work in CREATIVE ways with me, not the standard "I'll advertise you, give me money."

This morning, and 7:30 am, I was woken up by a Nikon Representative of the Board, and for the half hour I talked to her, she was on my network, asking questions, taking notes, and seemed very interested. She declared that she is going to bring the information that she gathered up in a Nikon Board Meeting later today!!!

NEVER give up, and NEVER doubt yourself. You can achieve great things if you JUST TRY.

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  • Awesome!!!

  • very nice i did not get endorsement but i got a few checks cut in support

    • Thanks Troy, they cut you checks? That's pretty cool.

      I'm still working on presenting what I plan to offer them properly. My members are already getting involved, there are already some really good ideas in the mix.

      I have spoken on the phone with Canon as well, but they seem to be a lot more difficult to work with.

      It's really cool that Nikon showed support for you, it's pretty exciting eh?

      • yea couple American bully kennels ,petstores and suprisingly eukanuba is interested.

        • Good for you! :)

  •  awesome you know I'm proud of you Damien ;) keep the dreams alive :D

    • Thanks George! I've been so busy with this, preparing a professional media package for Nikon and Canon, preparing a charity event to seal the deal with Nikon, putting Answers app and "ideas" (renamed to polls) to get member involvement showing Nikon we all want them to endorse Addictapic, and a few other things in the works, that I haven't had any time to write you that message. It's coming eventually though. :)

      Thanks again!

This reply was deleted.

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