For several weeks now I have tried to create a custom search for users who want to narrow their search to a particular messenger, i.e - kik, bbm, whatapp.

This was a task for a developer and I contacted several but Elson Tan came to my rescue.

In less then two weeks he has created me a custom search which collects the data of my users from a few fields and stores them in a database on my server.

You can see then fields I used in the image below.

It looks like this below. (I created the header image) - 

Elson has also placed an icon next to each user's ID, below are Kik results.

These are the results for WhatApp user's in the United Kingdom, aged 0 - 90.

He has produced exactly what I needed.

If you need this feature for your network then please contact Elson Tan

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I'll second that! Elson is awesome! :)

Looking forward to his reply on a few things myself! :)

It looks awesome! Elson is very talented.


You think you could build off this function to build a suggested friends option based off location?

amazing work Elson!

thanks guys

Simply awesome! O_O

Can you do that using a filter for member cathegory?

Hi Fabio,

Yes it can be done , using the same technique to get every member's data(the category the belongs to) then store it in an external database.


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