I absolutely love the fact that we can now send HTML broadcast message - thank you so much for enabling this!

I have a few questions and suggestions about it:


1) When I send a list of links using html code, when it arrives in my inbox some of them are underlined and others are not. They are all clickable but i'm just not sure why some are underlined and others aren't? (I use the usual ahref tags for all of them).

2) How would I go about changing the colour of the network title and description - the part that appears on the top of the html message when it comes through? Is this a language editor change?


1) I think it would be good to have tools in the broadcast message box so I can easily add links without needing to code - the same ones as in this box that i'm typing in now would be fine.

2) I think we definitely need a way of previewing the message before it gets sent. I've already had to send correction messages twice due to me missing a quote or similar mistake.

That's all - thanks!

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Great idea! That would be so helpful, I too am so glad we now can use html in broadcast messages.
Now that is a great idea! Especially for a better looking monthly newsletter, we send out on my network.

Preview is absolutely necessary. I have to write my first message in Polish and am afraid whether our "ogonki" will be coded properly (there are at least 3 popular coding systems for them).
Ha ha, I have to laugh. Your suggestion is so much common sense and yet I almost feel that it doesn't go far enough. It's almost hard to believe that Broadcast Message wasn't built by design to be limited especially in comparison to the "share" messages with full HTML, Profile images, and site stats. It's only recently that character limits are being increased as well. And I can't imagine my users being engaged by plain text and now with more text. I have had format topics in all caps to not make my messages look like a boring textbook and thought of linking to a blog or discussion where I can really control the format.

It almost pissess me off because NCs are on the front lines of community building and the Broadcast Message is one of the most important if not the most important tools an NC has to use with their community and you give them small plain text box where you have to scroll with a cursor to see your previous paragraphs. If you want us to build communities you have to have our back.

It's like giving Obama a cardboard megaphone when he is about to make an address at a convention. No microphone, no teleprompter, no Podium. Now go out and change the world. I love Ning and this is my 2 cents feedback.

Thanks. I had not checked it since then the update. Good improvement compared to before.

I hate to seem like a curmudgeon but my thoughts are that rather than link to a set of tags that it would be easier to tell NCs to compose in Forum or Blog post sections and copy and paste. Those sections even allow for preview.

If you really want to follow that route you could just future date your entries for 2012 (or whatever) and use it to keep a listing of messages you sent which I think would also compliment the previewing feature. Wouldn't we like to review messages we've sent to make sure we are not repeating anything or simply for reference?
What Ning needs to do is to come up with something similar to Constant Contact. I mentioned this before, oh about a year and a half ago and was told it was being considered. Garfield is right this is the most important tool to get people back to your site. Heck you could charge a premium service fee to offer an enhanced e-newsletter option that looks similar in graphics to the ning site.
EXACTLY!!!! I would pay a modest premium fee for a feature such as this. I was thinking the same thing. Mail Chimp is a great free option (until you hit x number of mail outs).

Yes, yes, I vote for this!!! :)

good questions and feedback...

Ive been using a NOTE to design my email template. Its tricky because its already styled by your network, but the notes feature has a good html editor

it works even if you don't have the feature enabled. just make a new note. I guess you could even use the notes feature as a sort of archive of your site emails.

Put the email in a DIV and style the font and background color that way.

If you want to preview it, look in the notes code view and copy and paste it to yourself in an email...

its not perfect, but it will help

Oh, man, I just looked at Notes. It's maddening that there's a decent WYSIWYG editor in only one part of the network...

Thanks for the reminder though. I've added it as a hidden subtab so I can use it from now on...
Very interesting thought indeed. Thanks for sharing. :)
Absolutely agree re preview ability. This was the first thing I thought of when I checked out the new mail broadcast form.

I keep being surprised by how the Ning developers create options like this without fully thinking them through. The update status option is another example - a great feature, if only they had made it possible for other people to respond to messages posted. The lack of a toggle button to switch from one language to another is another example of halfway thinking.
If emails to members can now contain links, images etc., they are no longer messages but newsletters, and the ability to preview before sending them out is, I would have thought, essential. Or, failing that, the option to send a test message to one's own email address.
Yes, I also opt for test message.


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