Can I create an 'admin account' that I can give to a worker, but cannot be deleted...?

Q: do you know of a way I can allow someone else to admin my website, but from an account controlled by me whereby if they ever leave my site, they will have no ability to take the content they added with them?


For example, if I have a worker come on the site and I make them an admin and they add all types of cool content and perform all other types of admin duties as agreed between us and they're my employee, is there a way I can just remove them from that account, but not remove the account itself and all it's content? Then, I could appoint someone else to that account, or have the account be managed by multiple admins.


Or, another option is to give admin privileges to an existing account, which does not allow the member to leave the site and delete all the content added as an admin, when they leave, just their own non-admin content.


Is any if this already an option, or is Ning working on anything like this, or are there any tips anyone can offer for how to implement this with things as they are?



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Hi Elshara,

Thanks for this great info..I sort of understand. So, is this alias account another account that I create for admins to use? If so, then I still would not be 100% in control at all times since that admin would have the ability to change the password from the account setting and lock the account, or still delete the account and take the content off, correct?

I know I am being somewhat of a control freak, but I really want to know if there is some system where I am totally in control of the account and still allow someone the ability to perform admin duties and not take away content, changes or designs they performed while acting as an admin. Is that what you've been able to do, or know if it is possible?

Thanks again!

This definitely helps and thank you. And I'm wondering what you mean by saying they cannot delete themselves, in your second sentence above? Don't they have the ability to go into the account settings of the alias account and delete it, or remove themselves from the network which would delete all the content they've added using that alias account? Or, they could also change the password and lock me out?

I hope I am not sounding too mistrusting of people here, but I do plan on hiring outside agencies to perform certain tasks throughout the site such as adding images, articles, etc.
Thanks again for the great info Elshara, you have give me some ideas in the event I cannot create an account I can fully control while giving others access to it.

Nelson :)

Ah, good to know that I can still retrieve any content that way if needed. Ideally, I would love for Ning to add this as a feature so we can control accounts and give access to one or multiple employees, agencies, etc. to perform work as needed. I'll have to add it to my Ning wishlist.

The Twitter thing..yes, that is very easy to do from inside your twitter account. You just log into your twitter account and go to this address: That should show you a page with different things you can do for your account. Pick "WIDGETS" and you'll see the options to create the widget from there. Then grab the code and put it into a text box on your site.

If that URL doesn't work, let me know and I'll break down the steps since I just copied the link from within my account and it seemed like a general URL for anyone logged into their account...Ning style.


Right from within the widget creator you can pick how many twitts it should display. Should be pretty easy from in there..



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