We launched Ning 3.0 just over two weeks ago. While the overall market response has been really awesome, we have – based on the feedback here on Creators – somewhat underestimated the confusion and potential pain this new generation platform could create for some of you.

We value and carefully consider your input, and have decided to offer more flexibility and appreciation for you all as existing Ning customers.

Grandfathered in at 2x Member Limits

Rather than differentiate plans by features, storage and bandwidth, we set member limits for each plan. Number of members is a visible and intuitive measure of Network Creator success. We believe that you deserve a break when the time comes to upgrade. Therefore, existing Ning Networks will be grandfathered in at 2x the member limit of the new plans.

When you upgrade from Ning 2.0 to Ning 3.0, the Basic plan will support 2,000 members and the Performance plan will support 20,000 members. According to our data, this means that less than 1% of all our existing customers should see any price increase.

3-Month Post Upgrade Grace Period

We have also decided to give you an extra three more months after you upgrade before applying any member limits. And we will provide you with tools during and after the upgrade process to remove long-time inactive members from your network and clean house.

Limitless Moderators

Several of you voiced concerns with limiting the number of moderators. Recruiting active members to help moderate is a powerful tool for NCs to effectively manage their community and reward their most engaged members. We agree and we will be changing our pricing plans to reflect this. All Ning 3.0 subscribers can have an unlimited number of moderators (capped by your members plan limit). Moderators can be given full moderation privileges (approve, feature, edit, delete or suspend) for multiple features, content type and/or members. However the Ning 3.0 plans include a limitation on the number of Administrators—those with full access to the design, layout and settings of your network— Administrators will be limited to 2, 5 and 10 respectively.

'Powered by Ning | Glam Social' Footer Requirement

As we have shared in our FAQs and in several discussion topics, displaying "Powered by Ning | Glam Social" in network footers is important for the health of our business.  While we recognize that some of you will decide to leave the platform on account of it, we will not waive this requirement. However to mitigate the impact for some of you, we do intend to put an affiliate program in place that will allow you to gain some value for clickthroughs and referrals. We’ll also provide more flexibility in terms of where and how to display the logo (options such as centering it). 

Ning 2.0 Upgrade, Migration and Retirement Timeline

As we have announced, we are working on a seamless upgrade process for Ning 2.0 Networks and plan to release it this summer. Once the upgrade process is available, Ning 2.0 Networks will have at least one year to move to Ning 3.0. We will confirm the exact schedule for the Ning 2.0 retirement when we officially release these migration tools. Before we officially release these tools, we are planning to work with many of you on a beta program for this key feature to make sure that it works as well as can be expected and minimize all changes and concerns for the vast majority of our existing customers. 

We hope these changes address most of your concerns and give you a bit more confidence in our own ability to listen to you all. We appreciate the time and energy you pour into your communities, and are committed to delivering you a great and viable platform for years to come.

Thank you all for your feedback; we couldn’t do this without you. If you haven’t already, please take advantage of our offer to create a Ning 3.0 Sandbox Network. We would love for you to experience the redesign firsthand and get a jump-start on developing your Ning 3.0 Network. Don't forget to drop by and let us know how it's going!

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That is true, that is the one thing I dislike. They offer unlimited members BUT only 10GB storage at $30. But even with the unlimited everything for $80 that's not much more then Nings $60 plan and you don't get unlimited members at all with Ning on any plan.

Plus I think every single feature Ning doesn't have yet, SocialGO does. It even has a built-in chat box so you can chat with members if you like or you can disable it.

Also you have the normal SocialGO and their Network-Maker to choice from when starting a Network. Too bad tho you can switch back and forth.

For the $30 plan if you email support you'll get a reply within 24 hours or less. $30 with Ning, takes 48+ hours.

With SocialGO on your blog you see the whole post, the text, pictures, videos, etc. With Ning you only see Lead Photo (if you added one) and part of the text. To see it all you have to click on it or the "Read More" link.

Still don't know what I'm gonna do. My 14 day trial with Ning is up in about 2 days so I need to decide soon. Like how both Ning and SocialGO looks, like SocialGO's prices better tho.

I asked my fiancee which she thought was looked better. I told her what you got for the prices, told her Ning was adding in more theme's and features soon, etc. She looked them both over and said "SocialGO!" She said she just liked it's design better, had better price, etc

Sounds interesting, does SocialGO have group facilities.

SocialGo has everything Ning offers and more. Some of those features they had back in 2009. 

I heard from someone they've acquired better manners since then as well.

Yes, both SocialGO and Network-Maker has Groups. SocialGO has forums, chat, blog, events, groups, media and not sure what else.

When building your network on SocialGO they have widgets that you can drag and drop on most pages. Some pages like forums don't allow it.

Haven't messed with Network-Maker tho. It has a lot more stuff you can do that SocialGO cannot. Save drafts, queue, change the date of a post, etc.

I've already sent in a handful of idea's to make it better and report a bug or two I've found.

What are the internal search options in SocialGLO? To me, one of the main goals of any social network is to help people find each-other as efficiently as possible. The best way to do this is to maximise the range of sort and search functions available, link these all to a top quality indexing system, and make the search functions customisable to the needs of each network. I have not seen any social network, Facebook and Linked In included, that takes this issue seriously.

Providers seem to be reluctant to give full social networking power to their members.

It's a billion dollar question that might need a one million dollar investment to answer, technically. Not easy to provide, perhaps, but worth trying to do.

Honestly, no idea. Haven't checked into anything like that yet. I've been testing just what I feel I need right now, and reporting bugs and giving them idea's on how to make SocialGO better.

I wonder what all Ning is suppose to be adding over the next 2-4 months. Cannot really give ideas when I have no clue as to what they are adding. I know groups, new theme's and I think full admin support.

Well if I choose youtube embed-only for videos and and 3rd party music player, it'll take a while to fill up storage-wise so I could probably be fine on the $26/month plan for the first year, with unlimited members and no "Powered by...".  By that time I should have more than enough members to easily pay the $80/month on voluntary donations alone, since I already make about $70 as it is now and have a small surplus at the end of the year after paying NINGGLAM.  (I don't choose to use ads to make money right now, but I could always add that later if I need to raise more $ to pay the site)  I don't even do donation drives anymore, members just pitch in regularly.  I'd probably have enough in donations even now to fund it with no actual cost to me personally, aside from my time and effort.  I can see from the SG dashboard and site building video that the building interface is very intuitive, and the end product will be very much like my current 2.0, but nicer.

I'm happy for those who think 3.0 will serve their needs well.  Great for them!   Right now 3.0 does not suit my needs at all- I'm getting the impression that it will have a different focus.  But I'm still going to wait and see what kind of finished product and terms GLAM will be offering as Summer approaches, but it's really reassuring to me to know of some nice other options that I see as indeed very do-able.  :)  I'm looking at several others as well, and I'll not do anything too hastily.

Speaking of donations from your members. Network-Maker has that Member Billing. The $30 month-to-month plan you have to add it for $19.99 a month. The $99.99 month-to-month plan gives it to you at not extra charge.

With the noraml SocialGO as of now they don't offer it BUT you could just add something like PayPal Donations to your site.

As for the SG dashboard and site building video, is this SocialGO or their Network-Maker one?

It's the NetworkMakers one.  It's for a real community 2.0-like network.  The regular SG seems more for a small business or a small group of people working on projects and trying to get more customers- church groups, yoga studio, restaurant, a book club, etc.

Check out the many tutorial vids in SG Networkmaker, and their Features page- awesome. 

Here on NING 2.0, I simply added a Paypal donation button to my site years ago, and it brings in the $ to pay NINGGLAM each year, I dont even have to nag anyone.  Happy happy members just loving their network community.  :)

I see the SocialGO tour video, but I must be over-looking the Network-Maker video.

I may add a donation button one day... but for now I'm just starting out and hopefully people will find me and enjoy what I'm doing and decided to join me. Be it on here or SocialGO.

John look for the bottom link to their Owners Community.

Welcome! I checked out Network-Maker for a little the other day and I just didn't like it that much, just wasn't for me. But the normal SocialGO I like over-all besides a full missing things, again cannot save drafts, cannot save to a queue, etc. But they did tell me the sent it to the right people as suggestions.

Plus if I posted something right now at 10:41pm EDT April 2nd, it'd say I posted it on the 3rd. I told them about it and they told me they'd look into it and fix it as soon as they can. Hopefully they do.


What's Up With Ning 3.0?

Click here to share your thoughts on what features we should develop next! - Survey will close Friday, 4/25

Projects that the Ning 3.0 Team is currently working on: 

Articles - a new way of organizing longer content pieces. Released 4/16.

Activity Feed Updates - options for more content in the activity feed.

Forum Notifications - ability for members to opt into receiving notifications of new discussions in forums. Released 4/9. 

APIs - The ability to create new members and content programatically.

For more information on what's next, visit the Product Roadmap

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