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I wanted to update you about a change to our Ning Plus and Pro prices. We’re publishing this announcement in a number of places, including, your network Dashboard, and via email, but I know many of you get your news on Creators, so we are sharing it here.

Beginning on July 20, 2011, we’ll update the price for Ning Plus and Ning Pro subscriptions. You will be billed automatically so no action is required.  Your first invoice after July 20 (when your current monthly or annual subscription renews) will reflect this pricing.

The new pricing will be:

I know that pricing is top of mind for many Network Creators today. Last July we phased out our free service in order to focus 100% of the company on enhancing the features and services we offer our paying Ning Creators.  Since then, we’ve launched more than 30 powerful new features, including the Ning Design Studio, Social Sign-in, Leaderboards, Like Buttons and Ning Everywhere.  Just last week, we announced Paid Access, which will enable you to charge for membership, exclusive Groups or content.  We’ve made numerous enhancements to existing features, including the recent improvements to Groups and the Activity Feed.  We’ve made major investments in improved platform performance and, as a result, delivered 99.99% uptime in the last 6 months.  And we expanded customer support, adding billing phone support for all customers and dedicated phone support for Ning Pro customers.

We’ve made major investments over the past year, and as a result, your subscription is more valuable than it was a year ago.  You can deliver a richer experience for your members, you can drive even faster growth and member engagement, and starting next month, you can begin charging your members in a variety of ways.  And we’re already hard at work on adding more features and services with one goal in mind – helping Ning Creators to create thriving communities.  

I recognize that some of you will have concerns about this pricing change.  My hope is that you’ll recognize the same value we see in Ning every day, and that you’ll be as excited as we are about what we will accomplish going forward.

Of course, we’re always interested in hearing what you think, and one of the things I enjoy most about Creators is that you always let us know how you are feeling.  We’ve also set up a phone number for anyone who has questions about this upcoming change. I encourage you to give us a ring at 888-278-4386 if you are located in the U.S. or Canada, or 650-713-3158 if you are located outside of these countries. We’ll try to answer any questions you may have about this upcoming change. 

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  • you're kidding me?

    switching to Plus plan right away.

  • Why are we not able to switch to Plus from Pro ourself anymore?

    Why the change?

    • Dzemil,


      Please call us at the new Ning Pro phone support number and we will be happy to help you.  You can find the number by clicking on the "Support" link at the bottom left of your network dashboard and then clicking "Contact Support".




      • I don't own a phone. Can I do this thru email? i already submitted my ticket.
        • Dzemil, what's your ticket number? Let me know and we'll follow up.
      • I'm from Brazil and has no way to call the number for you. What do I do?
        • Hey, Marcs. What is your ticket number? Garnor and I are still waiting to get that from you. We're happy to help. Just let us know.
  • Well, I understand why Ning is dong this.  Lucky, my site earns enough money to take care of itself.
    • I need to get on that level. but this is unnacceptable
This reply was deleted.

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