Dear All

Is there a way I can create different chapters or catagories for my NING network photo gallery.

I have many images and it would benefit my site tremendously If I were able to create half dozen or so catagories.

Lets go NING show me what you got.. :-)

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We are all waiting for categories. However there some workarounds you can find on this forum..

Great idea, and one that we've heard a lot. We may be adding categories for all kinds of content. 

very cool indeed, the image catagories will assist my site massively



looking for this too


Anyone, is there an update for photo chapters yet?


Nothing major to report, but hang in there! You might have already thought of this, but you could use tags then create either a master page with links to each of those tag categories or include them as subtabs.

Hi Ning

show me whatcha got, catagories, chapters for the photo gallery



You can use keywords in the tags.

I add the "#" character to those keywords to let member know it's a reserved word.

When a member posts a picture of him/herself I add #self to the tags. I get an URL that looks like:

 I then put that URL in a new tab and get a search results page with all the photos tagged #self.

Also, for groups, I use the Location field with the same type of #keywords. 

Perhaps you already know this and I'm way behind the times, but there are categories now for photos in Ning 3.0! You can add categories in the Sites & Pages manager then select which category you would like each photo to be in through your photos page!


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