Hi Everyone,
This is not a compliant but just a question. I was looking at my chat room this morning and I saw my members complaining about not being able to talk more and they even compared the site to Imesh or bearshare . My question is, when are we going to have an upgrade to the chat room or are we ever going to see some changes? Because, we need to keep people on the site. I can't afford to drive my members away because of simple thing as a chat room. Here are my suggestions: We should have a chat room with standard features like ability to use videos, listen to music, have more emotional features, like the smiling faces. Right now, the chat room is too flat and very boring, when for God seek are we going to start seeing something meaningful and more professionally looking Chat room. Look at yahoo chat room, Imesh chat room, Skype and many other chat rooms they are 100% different from what we currently have not on Ning.
Chat room should be fun place, just like in our homes, we have places designated for fun and play. Does any one have any information about when or if we should be expecting and upgraded soon?

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I asked this question a LONG time ago Andy, just before I was pondering adding a Skysa bar to my site. Eric told me specifically that there were NO immediate plans to update the chat function. And that was it.

So...I went out and got myself a free Skysa bar. Is it perfect? No...it's in beta and does have some bugs occasionally, but at least I have another option for when the Ning chat is acting freaky weird. When that happens, we all move over to the Skysa room. It has colored text and smilies, different fonts, etc.

It has video and audio capabilities, but the lag time can be a pain. (And I'm using DSL, too!)
Does the SKYSA bar work on mobile platforms or something like an iPad?
Thanks for the reply. I will also see if I can get someone to design what I want before Ning decide to come out with there's. Only God know when that would be. Things are changes fast around us, everywhere in the world sites designers are coming up with eye catching or eye popping site that are unbelievable. Ning ENGINEERS NEED TO REALLY, AND HONESTLY NEED TO SCREECH THEIR IMAGINATION BEYOND WHAT THEY ARE CURRENTLY DOING NOW. I am keeping my fingers cross to see what they are coming up with on Aug 20, or 21; the new features they've being talking about. About membership subscription, HD video capability, and many more. I know they are coming out in rolls but only God knows when. I just hope these features are not going to be dragged till next year? This will be a disaster for me, because my members are already comparing my site to bearshare( imesh), they believe it's better because of other features. To be honest, I think these guys, Ning engineers are too slow, they are limiting their abilities, or maybe they are not brave enough to do crazy stuff, that is, design really eye popping designs. Well, time will tell.


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