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<print>Hello World of Creators!</print>

While I am not the greatest programmer or developer in the world, I have learned a lot by experience and trial and era, from the creators on this network and mainly making mistakes and having to fix them myself. I plan to enroll in school for the winter for a small computer science program so that I can get a better grasp of what it is I'm doing. My post today is off of sheer inspiration! I clicked a link on my network today to check my facebook inbox (added that to my network...simple widget ;) and it led me to facebook and then I started looking around at the worlds largest social network. Facebook keeps people logged in which is what drives all the traffic there by constant notifications! Each time you do something and a friend responds, you get a red notification. TJ@Jqueryhelp has helped me to develop a simple yellow background behind my "message" link in the ning bar with a red number of how many messages you have, to resemble what happens on faceboook when you receive a message. All of us can agree the notifications keep people logged in to facebook and its something we all strive for, so opposed to providing codes for CSS all the time lets take a weekend and really think about what Im about to share. I only posted this because I know with all the awesome creators here, and a collaborative effort, we can rid ourselves the worry, frustration and anger of waiting for the developer team at ning to update our networks and their road map (no offense at all ning, im actually in a very positive mood today:)

So here goes!

One thing I noticed on facebook is that they were smart enough I suppose as college kids themselves to really pay attention to all the things friends would like to do with each other online. Simple links next to an avatar like "mutual friends" allows you to see who you're friends with that they're friends with! Simply genius as it drives activity and encourages friendships and connections to be made. With Elsons new "quick info" mod, I highly suggested to him in inbox messages to add the ability to "add as friend" and "message". He implemented it in a day! (great job again Elson!) So why not go into depth with that same mod? Maybe we can have TJ@Jqueryhelp collaborate with Elson to add a link that pulls a friend that the person your hovering is friends with that you're not friends with so that you're able to make a new friend or connection! It would simply grab the picture of a friend that that person is friends with that you may or may not know, and it can be modified to pull friends based off of gender, maybe age, maybe based on your location or zip code, like only show friends who are of the opposite sex and with 30 miles of the user!

It may sound like a lot but what im doing here is what I think the developer team at facebook did way back, which was have a meeting and really pay attention to all the things friends would want to do with their friends online. Its one thing to want to be different from facebook, we all do, its why we started our "niched" social networks opposed to just another social network! All of our networks have something unique about them that would ALWAYS make it different from facebook even if we tried to mock it down to color LOL. If we start to correlate like this, like how Elson took what I suggested and implemented it in a day, we can get a lot of features that all of our networks could really use! What I think is boring is going to a ning site and seeing "oh how nice, evidently this person used George Compton IVs CSS styling for their tabs as well" It would be more sensible to have our own unique designed networks and have similar CORE FEATURES how all of us NCs have a dashboard to run our networks, we should all have core features like the quick info. Its harder to pick up on that as a visitor if it starts to look like the standard! One of my members said to me today "wow! what a great and unique feature, havent seen this on any other social networks!" he was talking about the quick info feature! So what I figured is, to go to a site and notice the same tab layout or styling is so much easier and quicker to pick up on than features that would take for someone to actually do something to figure out it may have been implemented somewhere else they were browsing.

Of course with all the collaboration and efforts, NCs are going to need to be willing to make donations for these features and I myself am definitely one who wouldn't mind contributing and paying for things that are helpful and work! What I dont like is no control of my network being disabled for a late payment when there are endless tickets of so many things that dont even work properly on my network, so in essence the question is, what am i paying ning for again? I think we all should take this into serious consideration! I was thinking to make a group here for it or on my network since I have some of the most talented NCs as admins on my network Well Kunnected. The group would basically consist of the NCs who would be collaborating on these features and any NC who joins would pay a small fee to get started and then whatever fees are associated with the features released from the group. What do you guys think about this?

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  • TJ Was Here! :-)

    That's all I can say, for now.  Busy day.  Nice essay here and I am open to further discussions.

    There are things happening behind the scenes that can't be discussed.  I am always looking to fill needs of NCs so I am thinking along the same lines as you are.

    Have a great day!


    • TJ you're in pal, you are more than welcome and I see this as a HUGE payout to the NCs who join and also for the creators who utilize us! I will go into further detail in a later post, but its great to know you're on board friend :-)

  • NC for Hire
    I believe what you have described is called JenSocial. :-)
    Seriously, though, you don't think there is enough collaboration already? And what is the difference between all NCs using George's tip and them all using Elson's? Other than one being more useful to you.
    A friends you might know feature might be useful on a huge ning network but on most my guess is it would be a totally redundant feature.
    • I'm sorry SP! I actually failed to mention you as one of the greatest NCs on this network, you and Soaring Eagle are welcome to this team! In simple, George was the very first Admin I added to my network from creators so I would never be putting down or downgrading any of his CSS tips, in fact George and I correlate regularly financially and just on a catching up basis, he just added a very nice navigation setup to my site that we had been trying to achieve for some time now. I think we should focus on tips for function as opposed to just styling is all im saying, and again you and Soaring Eagle are more than welcome to the dream team!

      • NC for Hire
        Very kind, although you misunderstand me, I'm not angling to be added to this club. I don't understand its purpose, that is all. Why not just hire a developer to do things that Ning doesn't do out of the box. It is a nice sentiment but a flawed premise, both commercially and practically.
    • I believe what you have described is called JenSocial. :-)

  • NC for Hire

    Hi Armani , SweetPotato and TJ ,

    I think Armani meant to create a team of NCs who are good in each type of field. Something like the Avengers lol.

    For example some of us are good in jQuery and server programming languages , some of us are good in html & css and some knows graphics design. By combining together , we get an awesome team to bring NCs what Ning is not bringing them.

    As Armani stated , Ning development team is slow , I'm not saying their work efficiency is low but I understand they are slow because they are building features for thousands of networks, one false move will cause a lot of trouble.

    Ning build features are for a wider audience and can be used in any kind of networks so thats why some features requested by certain types of networks never became reality.

    That's where this team steps in and make it a reality.

    That's my point of view , tell me what you guys think. Maybe we really can form this kind of team. :)

    Nice day to you all.

    • Elson, as always you hit this one on the head!!! "The Avengers" I love it!!!! Im a HUGE marvel and DC fan myself and always wanted to be looked at as a super hero for something lol. But you have the exact idea I was thinking of, have a group of folks specialized in each thing! Actually Elson before I even continue I'd like to invite you to get kunnected today! Im going to inbox you, I have a great proposition for you pal ;-)

  • Yes we need "The Avengers" nice discussion here

  • The only problem here is about payments..... don't know I guess what have made creators network great today is ability to share free tips and help each other out....

This reply was deleted.

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