Does anyone has tried this new chat? I'd love to have some feedbacks.

When you implement it how do you remove the actual chat?

Thank you

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As the product is in beta, there are constant improvements taking place. We have added many new features like file sharing, drawing, Twitter/Facebook pages etc. Also, the users online algorithm has been improved.

Please do try now: http://ning.cometchatcloud.com

If you have any questions or face any issues, feel free to email us at help@cometchatcloud.com

I have been trying to get someone to help me from your company with no luck. I really would like this chat to work seems like it offers a ton and sounds great but after pasting in the code to the custom code area all I see is a box at the bottom left of screen and does not register all the people that are truly online at the time. Plus the bar to open up community chat rooms is non existent. Would love it if you could give me some direction very very frustrated and ready to throw in the towel. Thanks

The cometchat is super awesome! I implemented it on my network with no issues and to be quite frank it's way better than the Ning chat! First off, when there are folks online on my network the chat is actually set up with notifications so you get a little message with the members picture pop up at the bottom when their online opposed to having to click the "members online" with the ning chat to see whos there. Also the interactive games keep members online way longer since it's default and comes with the chat, if ning added that the chat would be somewhat at least in comechats range. The ability to create announcements or notifications for members and visitors is also included and you can change and add new notifications so its a great way to tell members or visitors about your network or how to use it. I like the ning chat but I implemented comet chat because it has things the ning chat probably will never have like the ability to share what screen you're on! It's alot with it, I suggest everyone at least try it out first, but again this is only my opinion. :D

PS: Did i mention the customer support with this product is super friendly and fast! They get back in touch with you within the matter of a half hour or so if you need troubleshooting!

I like their service, but for the price I go with skysa. 5 bucks and offers the same features :)

nice find. how is there service like? any problems using them? 

It runs pretty good. Major downside is that it's not mobile which makes cometchat more appealing.


at the rate CometChat is putting things into place it may be well worth it. Only draw we have is bringing a huge community with tons of chatters and their max plan has a cap whereas skysa does not.

Thank you! We have added new features like handwriting, file sharing, Facebook/Twitter page :)

Thanks for your infos ;-)

Is the ning cometchat lets you chat with facebook connected friends as the original cometchat?

Yes, it does (cometchat for Ning has audio/video/text chat, games, facebook/twitter integration, screen/document sharing and lots more).

See this link.

We are adding the ability for your site users to chat with their Facebook/Gtalk friends directly from your site within 1-2 weeks. 

Would it be possible for you to let us know as soon as it is added please?


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