I checked these both CometChat and Skysa chat features out.  I came to the conclusion (as far as my place is concerned) that Ning Chat was the only way for us to go.  Why?  Number one, its free.  We also make it available full size on one of our pages and without using an iframe.  Using Skysa, members must sign up and enter their information to use it.   My members aren't going to fool with it.  With Ning, all members are automatically brought into the system.  I can see immediately whose goes online.  With Skysa you need to click the "pop out" then click again to enlarge the page for full size.  We found that those extra bars weren't worth the $4.95 per month.  Looking at a World map to tell me who is online is useless. And most of the stuff Skysa offers we already have available on Ning.  Our "Announcements and Notices" make theirs look like child's play.  No more than our site uses chat, I can't see paying anyone $4.95 a month or $49.00 to buy the chat feature on CometChat.  Ning Chat does the job nicely and is just as pretty. This old boy is older and wiser, and past the bells whistles and sashes and bows.    You youngters can have those fancy designer shoes, I'll stick will my comfortable  everyday shoes, thank you.


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I agree there Scott

After they got the kinks out of the chat my members are very happy with the chat with one exception - no one likes the fact that their conversation hangs around so long after they leave the site. There is not a member around with the abliity to clear the chat screen If we had a choice to cut the amount of chat saved at a time in about a quarter I would be so happy

They like the one login and I like the one fee


 I agree Scott

I'd say Comet Chat is good and getting better. In the past 2 weeks, they've made a lot of improvements. Also, mobile chat is great on Comet Chat. It's much needed feature I wish Ning would add.


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