Hey everyone.  My community, www.freshwrestling.com, is only a week old and is in direct competition with Flickr.  My community's target audience is the flourishing world of amateur wrestlers that buy, sell, trade, and share their wrestling shoes, gear, and apparel.  It sounds crazy, but it is a very flourishing world.  

As of right now, all of them use Flickr to make deals.  They upload their photos to Flickr and other members comment offering deals to trade or buy or just to say how much they like it.  My community offers everything Flickr has except a few key features.  

Right now, the kids have a Recent Activity section where they can see all of the photos they've commented on and easily navigate when someone else has commented on a photo they've already commented on.  So, when they log on, they can quickly see if there's any action on the photos they're looking at.  Almost all of the comments I am getting are referring to this feature that I can't seem to offer and it's holding the community back from taking the next step.  In my opinion, this can be solved by a Notification Center.

Another feature is mobile.  As of right now, I have built an app in Shoutem, but that is a very limited app and it seems that it does not offer much but the fact of saying "we have an app!".  I see that there is a new mobile version of the site coming out soon.  What do you think is the best call-to-action is?  Hire a developer to build an app?  Wait for Ning to step up when it comes to mobile?  Those have questions of timing and quality.  With NING, how much can an app developer do with the app?

The community has TONS of potential to grow as a community and to branch off to other business opportunities, but there's a few features currently holding it back that I don't know the answer to.  Any help is greatly appreciated!  Thanks in advance.

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Sorry, but why you are in competition with Flickr...? I don't see the link..

Anthony - like you I have a spanking new site geared toward wrestling. For the moment I am not looking to monetize it. And if I did I believe it would not conflict with yours. We may want to swap a small banner ad in a text box to criss cross and attract some members from eachother. Check it out and let me know your thoughts.

Doug Golden ~ www.MatFace.com



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