Complete noob at this type of thing so bare with me...

Looking to create a splash page, 1 to look inviting and get more people to sign up and 2 to have an open page so that google can do its stuff

so any programs or ideas on the best way to create a splash page??? remember it needs to be as simple as possible :)


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I created mine with just html, some jquery and some graphics.

Then link the splash page in File manager.

Nice website! 

that's nice splash

nice design

Oh my god!!! That looks great!!!!!!!!! How can I design one like that for my network?!? Please tell me!!!!

That's beautiful. Where's the instructions to do something similar but not the same?

Hey josh how did you code it where it only shows up when you are a new user? does it only show up once or does it show up every time you go to your page?

Ahh so thats how you do it! Nice tip Josh. Is this the feature where when you add files to the file manager it says "use as home page" is this what uploading your splash will do?

I'm jealous of your splash page, for the record. :)

You might also want to check out this video if you haven't already. 

great thanks

Well, it's a custom job. If you want to hire someone to do this job you can hire any one of them from here.


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