All links and social buttons are fully functional.

The Federal Labor Department will provide somewhere in the region of $27 million to finance the cleanup and rebuilding efforts in the New York City locations hardest hit by Superstorm Sandy. The money will be used to hire over 5000 New York City area residents for temporary government jobs associated with the cleanup and recovery process. These jobs are expected to last for about six months and will pay as much as $15 per hour. Although the jobs are temporary...continue>>>


Because this is being posted to a forum discussion the social button codes are a bit off. If you visit my network you'll see the fully functional version of this in a slider on the homepage. The social button counts reflect the real counts on the full posts. The count is updated automatically in real time no matter where the buttons are clicked.

I wasn't sure of what category to file this under. Originally I wanted to post this as a tip but though the concept behind this is simple implementation can be a bit tricky especially when it comes to the social buttons so I decided against posting as a tip.

I came up with this idea to highlight posts and features of my network. My intentions were to use several rows of these "content boxes" to display and recommend blog and forum posts, events and outstanding members but the layout didn't look as neat and organized as I expected it to (see the screen shot below).



After trying for about a day to get rid of the huge gap in the left hand corner and make the top boxes lineup perfectly I decided not to use this format and went with option B...putting the content boxes in a slider.

I've always admired Sweet Potato's slider on his network...Killer Slider if I do say so myself. It's really the same slider as most of us use but as you can see the trick lies in the way the slider content is displayed.

So what do you guys think? Should I try to perfect the original plan or should I just keep using the slider? Please visit my site to see the fully functional content box and critique my idea.



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Thanks for the mention :-)
Impressive job, technically, if you're automatically loading content in with script. Nice!
However, with the speed of the slider and lack of pause button there is no time to read the excerpts so it's a bit wasted.

Thanks Sp

I thought of adding a pause button but not sure exactly how to go about it so I'll play around with the codes in my test site to see how it turns out. Trying to teach myself a thing or two. I did intend to slow down the wait time of the slide but never got around to it. I slowed it down to 15 sec...

As you can see I somewhat achieved my goal with the social buttons. All counts are accurate and updated in real time.

Enjoy the Weeked


you too, Troy. by the way would you mind changing the link to my site so it doesn't say De**ro L*w?


Not a problem Sp.




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