I was messing around in the test network environment with the Design Studio.


I didn't like the margins and paddings, so I started in the developer mode. After some changes I publish, all goes well.

Then I want to change something in the Main Design studio but that's not possible!! I loose all the changes from the developer mode!


That's ridiculous! why?


1) I don't want to do all the changes only in CSS

2) I need to be able to change things in CSS for instance to fit menu's, repeat backgrounds, change padding, ...


So for now...Design Studio is not having enough settings to tackle this, you need to be able to do both or you need a lot of advanced features added to the design studio!

It's too basic

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What is available would be enough for me, but not being able to just change some paddings now...

Hi Stefaan, if you want to make a few tweaks like padding changes, try just pasting that into your Advanced Box. That way you don't have to commit to Developer Mode.


If you look at other products (Tumblr is an example), it's pretty common to choose either a WYSIWYG mode or a "Developer Mode," but not be able to switch between both. This is because it's really hard (sometimes impossible) for WYSIWYG mode to parse the changes you make in Developer Mode.


John, the CSS we don't include in Developer Mode is limited to some pretty basic stuff (for example, how forms display). Also, anything you add in Developer Mode overwrites everything else. We've gotten awesome feedback on Developer Mode, and seen folks use it in cool ways. What's missing from it that's got you frustrated?

Hey Nick,


Can you give a good example of how to overwrite using the Developer mode compared to the advanced box?


For instance, in Developer mode you have:

.xg_theme #xg_masthead { *zoom:1; position:relative; padding-top:25px; padding-bottom:20px;}

I would like to have all the paddings 0px
Nick? others?

Hi Stefaan,

Based on your example you would put probably something like this into the advanced css box:

.xg_theme #xg_masthead (padding: 0px;}

You can type your styles into it and get instant visual feedback.



Its powerful nick, but a huge pain in the ass that it's not clearly indicated that if you hit that little get me out of here button your "PUBLISHED" and now live theme and all the work put into it in the dev side goes to shit.

Sometimes a quick color change is needed and we may not want to scroll thru the code, why should we be forced to when we could easilly access the click boxes for color? That's just a laziness thing tho, what needs to happen is to make it EXTREMELY clear that it's either dev mode or nothing and when you leave all changes and customizations are lost.


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