This might seem like a minor issue, but in fact it makes a huge difference to the overall look of the page; and I really want my index page to look as good as possible to encourage visitors to join.

The issue is that, when I create a text box and fill it with text, a margin automatically appears in the "finished product", which is as it should be.
However, I have noticed that when I log out - or before I log in - there is no margin between the text and the edge of the text box. The text just comes right to the edge. This makes the page look very sloppy and amateurish.
Here are a couple of screenshots showing the difference between the text when I am logged in and when I am logged out:

Does anyone know why the margin only appears to logged-in members, or how this problem can be fixed?

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Because you don't have a title . Add a title to the text box then it will appear .
Click edit , then type in a title

Hope it helps ,
iAh, so that's it!
Thanls for that.
But I don't want titles - they look really crappy and you can't change the colours, sizes etc. And I hate that gap between the title and the body of text.
I've been putting my titles in the main text box, where I can control them with html.
Does anyone know if there's a way to work around this? IE, either to be able to control the titles in the "official" title box (and get rid of the gap); or to dispense with the title box without losing the margin in the main text box?
It is possible using CSS but i forgotten the code for that , sorry .
try choose themes with no gap between titles and modules .

Have a nice day ,
The reason is when you don't have a title they cut out the padding of the main DIV of the text box. This lets you do things like put in images that ate the entire width of the box without having them auto-shrunk. This is actualy very helpful, but completely undocumented. And yes, it's strange that when you are logged in this doesn't preview correctly, probably something to do with the [EDIT] link making there be an xg_head DIV.

If you wrap the contents of your box in this code, it should fix the padding:

<div style="padding:10px;">PUT ALL OF YOUR CONTENT YOU WANT TO HAVE A MARGIN HERE</div>
Yep, that's the same thing I have to do to my own boxes:
<div style="margin: auto; width: 454px; background: #FBB040; border: 1px solid #BB9F7B; color: black; padding:10px; top: -6px;">
Content here
Hey Kate!

If you don't have a title for your text box, we remove the xg_head area and remove the margins. That's admittedly not intuitive, and it's something I've been aiming to fix for a while, but it's been a lower priority than some of the other stuff we've been working on.

In the meantime, J wing's fix (to wrap everything into a div with a margin) will add the necessary margin.

Ning Product Manager
Thanks for the help, guys. Good stuff.
The Mysterious Case of the Disappearing Margin is now officially closed!
PS - Disappearing breaks. This is probably no big deal, but it's annoying the hell out of me. I have several different items in each of my text boxes, separated by a space. But every time I make a change or add anything, all the breaks disappear. New paragraphs as well (which is even more annoying.) I've tried using the html "br" attribute, but that disappears as well. Is there a way to create breaks apart from (which I am now about to try) adding white images between blocks of text? (This isn't going to solve the new paragraph problem.)
== Ning always say "We are working on it " or " i have this on mind", when you all truly put it into action & stop day dreaming so Ning can improve faster & more people will be coming into Ning

Have a nice day ,
Hey Ken!

I think you'll see that we've put a lot of words into actions in the past few months. Obviously we can't do everything at once, so we're prioritizing projects and suggestions as best we can.

Ning Product Manager
Hope so
I think It's important to note here that the reason the text boxes work like this is because people asked for it. Originally, if you had a text box that didn't have a title, there would still be an xg_head and there was no way to put a graphic or flash embed that went all the way to the edge, which looked really weird. Some of you newer people see this as a bug, but at the time we saw it as an improvement, although it causes some confusion.


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