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NC for Hire


The Text editor has been a huge success!

Well, it may depend on who you talk to. I imagine that Network Creators who like it are mainly talking about the intent behind it and their own use of it to manage a network but that does not account for the relative bloodbath of usability for the average joe looking to make a simple comment. Is it slower? Yes. There is a lag. Since when has any feature that creates a lag been something any user would even consider to be an improvement.  All those network creators who like the new text editor would have to overlook all the discussions that talk about all the shortcomings of it like someone appreciating a nice apartment as the step over all the dead bodies. The replies from the staff at Ning I feel are trying to sell this way too much. It's a social network. If they put this kind of commenting system on Facebook we wouldn't even be debating how much of a FAIL this is but because it is on Ning it's worthy of defense? Come on, now! And on top of it we pay for it. Would any Ning staff recommend this for Facebook or Twitter? I am running a Social Network not Wordpress or Blogger? How can they not get this? Even My Modern Met (one of the most successful Ning blogging sites) doesn't like it but Ning is going to try to convince us and them we just need to sit tight while they work on it? I hate it just for what it does to commenting for regular members and I haven't even begun to address it is as a text editor. If my members want to write blogs the previous editor was causing less of an uproar.

They make the change and we will just have to keep on Beta Testing it.

It's amazing to me how you can pay for a product and still be beta tester for it. You want to know how to submit your feedback? Just submit a help ticket. They should just stop calling it a help ticket it's really beta feedback. I pay a company for a service and they change something on my network that effects my clients/customers and I have to eat it?  WTF I am not running a Network for the fans of Scooby Doo (no offense to Scooby Doo fans). The Text Editor doesn't work so they should go back to the drawing board & not continue to waste my and my members time "figuring it out" on LIVE Networks.

I don't like reading long Disscusions? What do you want me to do? " Vote.




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  • It has it's good and bad points.  No choice for that in your poll.  LOL  ("I'm undecided" doesn't apply in my case.  I AM decided.  It has its good and bad points!)

    • NC for Hire

      I am sorry Diane but I guess this particular poll simplifies things down to liking or not liking. Undecided was the best I could do for those who may like some of it and not like it other parts.

  • Whats your problem friend...? was in Beta for the first few years...Nothing is perfect when it comes to online application.. The internet constantly improving an evolving, you have to change with the times or get left behind.  6 years ago, we didnt have Youtube, Twitter, Foursquare and Myspace and Twitter wasnt  known that much.


    The Text editor not perfect, even if it came with smilies...The Txt editor may have a few bugs but its 100 times better than the old one and its a positive step forward.


    It doest matter what Ning does, they could even send NC a fried drum stick, you will have some people complaining why they didnt get ketchup or where is the rice.


    Just adjust and adapted with the change even if you dont understand why you should...Investor pure over $120 million into Ning...They must put some serous thought into these changes, fallow the breadcrumbs and move along with the change. 



    • NC for Hire

      (Rewriting after text disappeared). I guess we know where you stand then. Glad you find this an improvement over the previous version. I have already sent in my help ticket.

      • There is lag
      • All the services you mentioned are free and not pay for beta
      • The level of adjustment and adaptation is on the level of a being a contortionist.
      • I can't edit my front page text box and I don't know how to adjust to that. (ticket is in & confirmed 8:37am EST Monday 12/13/2010)
      • Nothing is perfect but stable would be nice.
      • I did notice a few problems at first, the lagging, running a little slow, then when I went to edit one of my text box no content...I just copy the content click edit again and do it over.  Few problem here and there but it will all iron out over the next few weeks....


        These type of bugs expected when a new application or software introduce...Few little bugs, download patch, update software...these type of things expected but overall the text editor better than the old one.

        • NC for Hire

          Hey Anthony

          I am really a very shy person by nature but 2 things piss me off about Ning.

          1) Things happening behind the background that sabotage my network (login issues. How many new "customers" even are aware about changing their error message as they potentially lose new members? What does Ning proactively do to make people aware of this issue not yet resolved? ) and

          2) Lack of consideration for a Network Creator's network.

          I am not about to just go up and walkinto your house & change all your light bulbs to make them brighter and tell you I think it's better for you and do so without your say so first. I see 37 pages of comments on the original discussion and it all doesn't seem like praise to me. I don't even care if it was all praise don't come up in my network and start changing things that screw up the natural order and go "Oops. Hold on while we iron out this bugs in the meantime deal with it. Adjust and adapt. Thank you for the money that made us profitable. Good day." or worse "Chill out, why you making such a big deal? Don't worry about it? This was all part of the process. You should be appreciative of how hard we work to fix the problems that arise when we implement new things. Quit your bitching"

          If you have no issues with the changes that is great but what I have been seeing on creators regarding this change and the impact it's already had on my network and other networks without an option to switch it off makes me want say "Hey, what is going on here?"

    • Err, well, there is the small matter of Google being free...

      You kinda expect experimental, beta, free stuff to be a work in progress and subject to fail. Not so much when you're a paying customer.

  • I used to be a Little League Umpire. With every call I made, one side was happy, and one side was not. Ning I think is just trying to make things better and more user friendly. We have lived with changes all our lives. We'll get through this one too. I personally like the new editor. It allows you to be much more creative when leaving comments for the members. I have to believe that Ning is taking all this in. Time will tell.

    • NC for Hire

      Thank you for weighing in. I understand Ning is trying to make things better but that should not be without the input of a Network Creator. This change was automatic and this begs the question can we expect to see more unilateral changes whether we quote like it or not? You may like it but I don't. It's fortunate for you that you like it but for someone like me I have to deal with the consequences of things beyond my control that I am paying for and yet feel I have no say in except to just leave. Essentially SOL till they correct the issues I feel should have been ironed out in the first place.

      In your analogy you are the umpire. I would guess you are putting  Ning in the position of  the Umpire and if so I don't think this is an ideal relationship between service provider and a customer. Take it or leave it was in place from the switch over from free or paid. I paid I hope that take it or leave it attitude doesn't still transfer over to paid Network Creators.

  • I like it for the forum and the blogs but hate it in my comment walls and text boxes...

This reply was deleted.

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