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alright, i've wasted 4+ hours on this ... i canNOT find an answer anywhere: not on the backend of the network, not on this network, not anywhere ... and waiting for my support ticket to be answered, well, i figured i might get some love here a heck of a lot sooner.

i'm trying to get the kinks worked out of my new network before i launch ... still feeling very little love for 3.0 compared to my other network over on 2.0.

since a forum is pretty much one of the main features (if not the main feature) of any well-running network/community, i have trouble believing that NING would have dispensed of the option for members to be notified via email whenever new discussions are started on the FORUM.  without notification of NEW discussions, there is no call to action!

where, oh WHERE is this option!?  i've searched everywhere at the backend, as well as under the Members personal options ... am i completely missing something?

or is this yet another essential feature that requires outside code because NING has yet to develop it?  ...and IS there code?

thank you SO much, fellow creators!!

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  • Hi, the only way I know how to post discussions and have them picked up by the email notifiers is as I have illustrated in the post below. The only problem with this system is your not going to get anyone to post discussion at all, to complicated for most. As if it wasn't hard enough to get people to post discussions before on the 2.0 with full automatic email notification.

    How to post discussions that will trigger an email notifier

    #1 To post a discussion just look to upper right corner of the page, you will see a green + sign, click on it and that opens a page for you to post your discussion in just the same way as 2.0

    After you have submitted your discussion look at the top of page you will see your avatar picture and statement as shown below:  

    To the right of your avatar picture, example below, copy the whole statement;  that will be the link to your discussion.


    Posted by Cindy on November 15, 2013 at 6:42am

    #2 Look to upper right corner of page for green tag that says Group Options. Click on it then look for manage members, Click on that. 

    #3 In the upper right corner of page look for message all members then drop the statement you copied above in the large square, as  shown in the diagram below,



    Posted by Cindy on November 15, 2013 at 6:42am


    then just paste the title ACTIVIST Care2 NEWS and CAUSES in the upper or top slot, as shown in diagram below.

    #4 Click Send and that's it.

    - See more at:

    • hi Cindy, thanks for this.  i've tried to understand your instructions, but i'm not sure this is a remedy.  if i'm understanding correctly, you're having me access the Toolbar (upper left)?  i can't find a "Group Options" in the upper right.

      and if this is something that requires 'manage members', then my understanding is that only i (as Creator) or my Admin can actually do this, since members can't access the Toolbar.

      if this is the only remedy, i'm probably better off sending an Email Blast to everyone reminding them to catch up on the forums.  but seriously, there has GOT to be a FIX for this very obvious OVERSIGHT on NING's part, no?


      • 1) Make sure where it says (Who can contribute) is set for members in the drop down menu

        2) Allow for html in comments. 

        • hi, Cindy ... this appears to be for "who can contribute" to blog entries, no? (this is a "blog" page you're screen-capturing here, right?)

          for my FORUM i do have it set so that any member can contribute ... for BLOG i have it so that only i can contribute (although members can comment, obviously)

          but for doing what you suggested in previous comment -- having a member use a group email function, they would have to have access to the Toolbar, no?  that is the only way i have been able to find for a non-admin member to send a group mailing ... and to notify everyone that they have just posted a new forum discussion.

          there seems to be other issues with the Notification process anyway ... my members are NOT being notified of follow comments even AFTER they have already contributed a reply to a discussion.  it's REALLY hit and miss. 

          i fear i may have just wasted the past five days developing this network for nothing.  clearly 3.0 is not anywhere close to being ready to support any kind of functioning 'community'.  i'm really hoping i hear back from my support tickets soon ... otherwise i'm going to have to turn my efforts back to my development of the network i started over on Groupsite.   :(

  • still wishing someone had some recommendation for this.  this is the ONLY feature that is stopping me from going live with my network.  without 'email notifications' of new forum discussions - something essential to any successful network - we can't launch.

    thanks so much.

    • You know what some people did is create a feedburner and fed every RSS feed from the network into their and put feedburner code for whatever feed they wanted subscribed to right on the site so it didn't matter if it was a comment or a forum post, people just typed in their email address and clicked on subscribe. The unsubscribe options would always be within each Email.

      • thanks, Elshara.  this is beyond my grasp ... i'll have to do some research into RSS feeds and look more at this aspect of 3.0.

        i'm just not understanding how this notification feature isn't considered essential when setting up ANY kind of an online network.  no network is successful unless you have a notification system set up.  how does NING not have this one figured out after 3.0 has been out almost a year? ...especially when notifications are being sent out with follow up comments?  i just don't get it.

        what's with ALL the workarounds, especially with key features?

        still no word on the support tickets i filed on Friday...

        thanks again, Elshara. 

        • Hey, it is a little beyond mine as well. I'd be willing to work through it with you and set up a demo on my site if you want. I agree with you, it is worrisome. A bit annoying to be honest, frustrating as well, especially since you don't know if they're taking it to heart or not, the ones whose dishing the features out. I swear they do it from existing code via Ning 2.0 mobile which is about as limiting as ever. As for support, sometimes I've run into an issue where I don't get emails notifying me of a response but if I go to for example I can view the tickets and their status directly. Not sure if you've done that already, assuming you have, you could email direct and though there should be no reason they shouldn't get back to you. Their support service is not open on the weekends however and they only do support from 9 to 5 pacific time, not really efficient compared to every other competitor out there however that's just the way Ning does it, it's always been that way. I think only the unlisted plans get basic features we all should be getting that goes beyond consumer network value, but you end up paying a couple thousand per month, sometimes more to have it. I will say this however, when you see a follow button, you don't have to post to click it. That I know by experience however what you could do is change the word follow to subscribe to this forum or subscribe to this blog however you wish to word it, via the language editor, so it is easier language for the end user to understand. I'll see about RSS notifications and getting it set up on my site so I can help you easier if you want me to. You just let me know how I can help you best in this and any other matter you may have, I'll do my best, I give you my word. <3 :)

          • thanks again, Elshara. the graciousness and generosity that has been here on the forum is truly astounding.

            i lost an entire week of work last week trying to build this new network ... having to research different platforms due to this sorely lacking 3.0 version that NING is hosting.  3.0 can hardly be considered a functioning 'network' when it is missing such basic and essential features that are key to any well-performing and successful on-line community ... and i've spent SO much time researching and trying to figure out work-arounds to these missing features, hoping to stay with NING, figuring that over time things have to get better ... however, i simply can't lose more days/weeks of work.

            i THOUGHT we had finally figured out all of the kinks and work-arounds to these lackings last week ... and I spent another entire day prepping the network to launch ... and only THEN did i realize that email notifications of new forum topics weren't even an option.

            i'm pretty much done at this point.   i have a small but successful, 4-yr-old network on the 2.0 platform, and also belong to a couple of other NING networks on 2.0 ... with this new network i am building, our needs are not complicated or enormous ... in fact, they are extremel basic ... the kinds of basic needs of ANY successful on-line network/forum.  but this obviously very beta version that is 3.0 - in spite of being around for what appears to be a year - is just missing FAR too many of the key essentials (and i'm not asking for anything 2.0 doesn't already have!).  i just don't think we can make it work.

            my latest two support tickets were filled out on Friday ... so i do hope to hear from NING some time today.  sadly, it may be too late.

            Groupsite, on the other hand, has been astounding!  their support responds within hours.  their features are above and beyond what is necessary for any well-functioning on-line network/community (notifications out the whazoo!).  i may not like their design-features as much, but while it seems that NING is so focused on pretty-pretty, sadly they truly seem to be missing the mark when it comes to basic functionality ... and functionality should be #1 ... THEN you focus on all the pretty-pretty and bells and whistles.  but when i look at their "roadmap" and read their responses to support tickets, the focus seems so firmly planted on design.   

            well, a pretty platform is great ... but you need good function - like maybe solid and reliable notifications - for the individual networks to be successful so that people actually SEE those pretty platforms!

            thank you again for your gracious offer of help, Elshara.  i was really hoping for some code i could paste into the group that could clean this issue up until NING took care of this (because i can't see how they won't EVENTUALLY get to this key feature).  if it can't be a relatively clean fix, then i have to bow out of this 3.0 nightmare once and for all.

  • Hi Illona

    Mail notifiers have to be done manually I wish they would automate it like the had in 2.0 because it was hard enough on 2.0 fully automated, to get anyone to post discussions, with this system you can't bribe them to post discussions. 

    But anyway here is the link to my site if you wish to look at it, everything fully functional 3.0 except the discussion notifiers.

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