Facebook Comments + Disqus Comments + Ning Comments = A Powerfull Commenting System

Hi Guys,

I have been working day in and out trying to get these 3 to work with no luck. Maybe

if we work together on this we might come up with Something here.

I've managed to install Disqus on my netwrok & Bernad Lama managed to install Facebook comments on his network.

This is what i want to archive, i want the ability to switch between plug - ins similar to this using dynamic tabs like here :

Combining :

* Disqus - as seen Here

* Facebook Comments - as seen Here

* Ning Comments ( if logged in you can't see facebook nor disqus comment box but if not logged in you see either disqus or facebook comment box depend on what you set to be seen 1st with a third option to comment using network comment box )

Switching inbetween using dynamic tabs - as seen Here

See example below with activities, here at http://www.govloop.com/ you can switch between items with ease this si what i want to archive :

Im like stuck on this one :( all i want is to create a code to switch in between these that goes into the custom box.

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Great idea, im in to help if I can! I think the first step would be establishing the text boxes for each tab, and in this case I guess it would "Disqus", "Facebook comments" and whatever else the other two tabs would be. Once we have that, it would adding the disqus code to one text and the facebook comments to another and so on for the whatever the other 2 tabs would be. Honestly it doesnt seem like it would be that difficult, I have the jquery tabs on my site, I have actually have 8 tabs! I used the tip twice to make two sets of tabs that sit together so I have a little experience with that. I would get with Vaqz or TJ for the jquery and try simply creating the text boxes that would be under the tabs.

I can see it all happening, it would be some work for us but we can do this! How about you and simply collab on this project and then once its done have it as a feature NCs can pay us for if they want to implement it! We can setup to chat when i leave my office and basically setup a roadmap to have it done in a week or so...but the text boxes I would simply add from the features layout section of your network and add them under discussions so teh setup would be 4 tabs one for disqus comments, one for fb comments, one for latest activity and then discussions...this can be done bro we just have to map it out!

So what code are you using?


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