Hello - I am trying to add a Facebook feed to my network - much like a Twitter feed - so that members can see what is going on there without having to leave our page. We often add different content on FB that would still be of interest to our network members thus we want them to see it, too. 

Has anyone done this and if so, did you have any issues with embedding the code for the feed?  I have tried to follow the instructions per facebook but am having some issues with it.  Any help, thoughts, suggestions greatly appreciated! 

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do you have the feed url for your facebook page you;re trying to use? 

Did you try getting the code in iframe format?  Once you get it, click "HTML" in the box and paste.  Might work.  I had trouble before and realized later I was getting the code in the wrong format.  Good luck.

Uss The RSS Feed in a textboxt from the Facebook Account you want to Stream From.

Might Work.

Yes, I have used the Social Plugin steps within the Facebook Developers site and followed the steps within the Newsfeed embedding process for a text box on my own site. As you can see from the link below, I have included my sites Domain as well as my APP_ID, but I guess my particular question is what do the developers mean by "actions", every action I typed into that box (examples: share, comment, post, watch) came up ad invalid actions. I was able to embed a box onto my site but the only actions being feed are my sites recommendations. Looks very plain. 


I've become a RSS *nut* [they're fun to build if you can believe it!] and couldn't encourage you more to explore Yahoo Pipes @ http://pipes.yahoo.com to build not only Facebook feeds into one RSS but you can even incorporate Twitter, website RSS and blogs separated by topic, much as you see everyday in newspapers and magazines.

It's simple to build an RSS feed of Facebook "Liked" pages.  Here are a few handy videos and there are many, many more on YouTube.  Have fun!  This one shows you how to grab Facebook pages into one Pipe http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F7mKZGLjCCA and this one gets more indepth on twitter feeds. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UhpkKm2PBQ0

Once you have a feed you're happy with and it's saved, I run the Pipe, grab the RSS feed and embed it into a RSS module on my site. *Wallah!*  It's done.  Don't forget to Publish it too b4 you exit pipes because you never know..........someone else may pick it up :)

P.S.  One drawback of doing it yourself is you won't have avatars in your feed [need to hire a developer if you'd like it fancier?] but purely from a news standpoint, it's great.  It's easy to go back and add/delete pages from your pipe as well b/c it's saved.  Just be sure to save and re-publish once again to keep it up to date ;)

This is a great resource and I used Pipes to create an RSS of a Twitter List, since we can no longer embed Twitter Feeds onto our network.

The only problem is that now, at the bottom of the Feed where it says "More..." it will redirect users to a yahoo pipes page.  Know how to get rid of or change this?


Main Page = http://www.wecanmontana.org/

Sadly no I do not.  Have you thought of using a Ning Lab Social Feed rather than the standard Activity Feed?  Might get more feed for alternatives in addition to the RSS you created.  http://creators.ning.com/forum/topics/more-latest-activity-feed-imp...  You can see how we utilize both here http://stockbuz.net

Follow the instructions found here!



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