Feature Suggestion: Hovering announcements text box that appears on the screen when a member lands on website..


Recently I removed skysa from my site because it made the site very slow. However, one of skysa's features was an announcements text box that could be customized with whatever text I wanted there.

To date, this has been the most effective call-to-action tool I have ever seen on my site.  It literally helped get discussions rocking with member participation almost overnight! This was a text box that would hover on the center of the screen until the member either clicked the 'X' in the upper right corner of it, or  clicked on the link I included in the text. The member would then be taken right to the linked page and for the most part, do as instructed in my call to action included with the link.

I'd hate to slow down my site again with skysa, so I am hoping that it is on Ning's radar for a near future release??? Please, can you consider this Ning? It would be a great feature to promote engagement.

Also, if any developers can custom make something like this for me, please let me know and send me a quote at transplantcafe@gmail.com.


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Have you tried Wibiya? I use it on my network and I don't see any lag time and it's free. :)

At any rate, good luck!


Thanks FedMedic. Will look into Wibiya!



We don't have this on our roadmap right now, but I'll pass the word along. I can see how this would be useful, although on the flip side of that coin, I have heard complaints from people about being presented with a pop-up box when they land on a site. Some people do get very angry at pop-ups. 

Thanks Eric, but I'm sure you're referring to advertising pop-ups showing unrelated items. I'm wanting a hover box that cannot be blocked by blockers and that show related content to another post within the site.



I'm familiar with the ones you're referring to. I am a member of some sites that use them. They kind of annoy me, but if they used it the way you mention, I'd like them more. Pointing out a hot discussion or using it to announce or remind about a very specific thing is a great idea. 

Personally, I LOVE the announcement box that Skysa has. I don't use it for ads, I use it for my "attention-getters".  Many people don't check emails anymore, and they will see the announcement pop-up as soon as they log on.  All it takes is just one click to close it.  No biggie.

In relation to this topic, can anyone tell me how to disable the chat footer from ning?, as I have been unable to install footer toolbars because of it.




You do it form your features layout from the tools drop down menu in the upper left part of your site. Just move chat into the 'disable box'..

thanks for that Nelson, I also invested in the wibiya tool bar also, just having some issues with the games arcade, they dont seem to be working, doh!

Update: just got the wibiya bar for this. much better than skysa and it's free!


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