Geolocation: Are Locations Added to Media Currently Treated as Tags?

This is of great interest to me.  When i go to a page of videos and run a search for say "Oklahoma" and select a video which has been tagged in "location" as "Oklahoma, USA" then click that, I am brought to a page with a URL like this:

and a feed like this:

which is much different than searching for a Tag of "oklahoma" which brings me to a URL like this:

and a feed like this:

Now my question is....does that mean that the Ning api already has a predefined list of all locations on earth?  So in all actuality there are already location based tags for all locations??  or does this mean that a feed for a geolocation (ie. GeoRSS feed) is created for my network the second I tag a particular piece of content with "some location on earth"...or if i tagged a photo with "My living room" it would generate a geotag for that...




I suppose what I am ultimately getting at which hasn't been documented on the ning help or anywhere on creators is... What is the Best Practice on Ning Platform for entering in Geographic Locations with photos and videos?

  • Is geo lat/long fully supported?
  • Would country/state codes be supported?
  • Are simple City/State supported and on what level?


Or is it that geolocation is treated exactly like content subject tagging?  If so, it's interesting that in the list of feeds outlined on the Help site, the tag for location is never mentioned...


would love a little insight on this Ning, from an engineer preferrably if possible.

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Yes, I'm interested too....
It's the weekend
This is pretty far beyond my knowledge. If I can get someone to chime in, I will. Can't promise it, but I'll ask around.
thanks eric

still wishing someone would chime in on this discussion...Anybody???


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