It's time to crown another Ning Superstar! If you're not familiar with our Ning Superstars, it's just a simple way we can spotlight some of the wonderful Network Creators who share great tips, tricks, and advice here on Creators. We do this every once in a while, and each person chosen as a Ning Superstar gets a complimentary three-month Ning Pro subscription for their network — or any other network of their choice.

Today, we'd like to raise the roof for Bernard Lama. He runs the Kanchenjunga Social Network based in India that has over 10,000 members. (Impressive!) It's a general social network that's free for everyone and — like a lot of Ning Networks — is all about finding and making friends and just sharing day-to-day stuff. No crazy hook or weird niche or wacky idea. Just a good old social network.

One thing that stands out to us about his network that we love is that he accepts donations, and he has a wonderful pitch that we think is a great way to encourage people to donate:

Because KSN is free to members and visitors, donations are our only real means of income. We (KSN TEAM ) would be very grateful to accept any donations that members or visitors may wish to give to us to keep everything running smoothly. Whatever balance that remains at the end of the year, we use it to help someone who needs it in our community.

What a great idea. Put any leftover balance toward helping someone who needs it. Bravo, Bernard. Well said.

Like that winning idea, Bernard has tons of other little tweaks and changes that he shares in the Creators community, and we wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you for being so helpful.

Bernard also does some work on the side for clients, so if you're ever looking for someone to hire, you might just find him in the Hello! You may want to also try posting in the Hire a Creator group. Please feel free to paste in something glittery or animated or GIF-driven or just plain fun as a way to say, "Thanks, Bernard!"

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Thumbs Up!!

Thank you Eric for coming up with such a wonderful thread. Thank you for your warm wishes. Good wishes to you too.

Congratulations Bernard!

Love the "Donation" verbiage, nice job.

Best Regards,



This is a well deserved honor. Congratulations Bernard!


Congrats Bernard!  You've provided me with some great tips! Thank you!

Thank you Hala. I'm glad you liked my tips.

way to go, Bernard, well deserved!


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