Google advert revenue - This is personal (sorry) but I was wondering how much roughly you guy's get with your adverts?

I get roughly £4 / $6.30 a day, is this about average, better or poo?

Any thoughts thanks

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Could you post your site URL?

but that not what I asked really?

Dear Josh,

To answer your question, people need to be able to compare your site with others. How many members, how much activity?

Each network creator can only speak from his or her own experience. I gave up on adsense because it gave me zero revenue, simply because there was too little activity on the network. I would be overjoyed to get as much as you are getting!

A network with 1000 members might earn $100 a day for a certain kind of network. A different kind of network might earn $1.00 a day with 10,000 members.

For both networks, those might be reasonable or even excellent figures.

The answer you are looking for is context specific. The question is a good question that many Network Creators will be interested in. I hope others will reply here too!

Cheers, P.

Yes I understand all that but I wanted everyone to tell me what you earn not how much you earn compared to my site? It's not a generalisation, I'm just being nosy.

Hi Josh,

Fair enough... My site ranks first, or on the first page, in Google search results numbering up to hundreds of millions (e.g. see this search for "research editors").

As one result, the domain name of my old site (not a Ning network) got snapped up by an SEO specialist, and is being used to this day for link placements from which I make no profit at all (see top result in the search example above). Our network may gain some visibility from this, I hope.

As a second result, an advertiser contacted me spontaneously, and has paid me $80 for one year to have a link placed on the top page of our network, in the advertising banner at the bottom of my top page. That's it. Maybe 20-25 cents per day as a rough average?

My network is not one that naturally attracts a lot of daily activity (about 200-300 page views per day), so it is unlikely that implementing adwords will be worth the effort needed to manage and optimise them. I tried early on and had no results at all.

I might look at this again if I can increase membership numbers from 3000 to 30,000 or 300,000.


how many page views you get per day?


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