Here's one for you that I got in my regular mail. Note it says it saw my profile on Creators with a link to

Hello MY Dear.
May The peace And Love Of God Be With You Alawys

how are you today and your work? l hope that you are fine.
My name is nelly, am very glade to come across your profile today in which i find interesting and wish to let you know that i will like to have a very good relationship with you, i hope you will welcome my friendship request? Please contact me with my privet Email ( so that l will give you my picture and tell you more about me,
hoping to see your mail
yours truely Nelly.

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I got the same one today. Nelly likes us both.
They're clever! Thanks for sharing this. We'll take a look.
Eric check your inbox in a minute
I've been getting this a LONG time and I just ignore it.
I get this as well BUT not only from ning but from other means as well.  Yahoo is famous for this:-(

I get this not only from Creators but from a few other sites that I belong to on Ning.  They arrive in my comcast email.  I cannot imagine how anyone is getting my private email address.


Google (or search your site) for the email address where you received that email and you'll find that you posted your email address in a public space somewhere on the Internet. Spambots "Google" the Internet looking for email addresses then automatically format an email and send it to you based on the site where the spambot found your email. Solution: Never post your email address anywhere on the Internet.
Not necessarily David.  People can hack any email account at their will, unfortunately.  It doesn't matter if your email address is not shared with anyone.  If they want YOU... they will play the part.
Donna, people can hack into your email account too easy!  No one is immune, from any email account.
Only the notification has your email address Donna Mae. This is a common misconception. You are only getting a notification FROM NING of a comment on your profile. At least, last I heard.....
Hey, if you give the signup name and email address, we can add it to our known-mass-spammers list!! (Posted in the other thread I linked to.)


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