Yes, it's fast approaching so to to be ahead of the curve, I'm asking if anyone has come up with some NEW holiday ideas for Ning sites in 2012?  Let's get the discussion going........

Ning has a boatload of holiday tweaks tagged "holiday" and "Christmas" so let's add to the list!

fwiw has some tried and true icons to dress things as well. 

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To get the ball rolling I threw these together really quick :-)

these codes will add holiday lights and such to your module heads.  You can replace the image link with any image you prefer :-)


.xg_module_head {
 background-image: url(*w60OzMiBBWF2Dul9p2TGB-1HpMDiTKxv4iA6ybtgbb-CerIpA__/msg.gif)!important;
 background-size:100% 100%!important; }



Christmas lights string

DIV.xg_module_head {
 background-image: url(*0LgLqxyDXTy3OEU0FwyKE*SowFa6W3icxdI3YMauaWIsJ142fOB9RF47gt-/BlinkingChristmasLights.gif)!important;
 background-size:100% 100%!important; }



Flashing light bulbs

.xg_module_head {
 background-image: url(*Lyap5D0wTjisPg3bjrA5zhQI6KOc96ONvquk12W6gE-g6JV4v8EhgsTUO6zsLx75kWu06d6MqatBbvKKKuwhXVz4HfQ/Animation1.gif)!important;
 background-size:100% 100%!important; }



this is basically what it looks like when it's applied

You Have Visitors!
Sorry, George I am confused where is this code supposed to go and which module does it affect.  I tried it in the custom code and CSS advanced box and did not see any effect.

the way I have it written it should show up on all or at least almost all module heads

if you implemented it in your design studio it should have worked you may have to wait a few minutes for your network catch to catch up. lol If you're adding in your NC custom code box you need to add it with the styles tags.  So add it like this

.xg_module_head {
 background-image: url(*0LgLqxyDXTy3OEU0FwyKE*SowFa6W3icxdI3YMauaWIsJ142fOB9RF47gt-/BlinkingChristmasLights.gif)!important;
 background-size:100% 100%!important; }


Hey, I know that site! ;-) Nice Job George! Im using this tip for something on WK for a later version, maybe 2.7!

actually I wrote a code that you are using that is much like this one for the module head icons LOL :-) but for icons we needed to add padding to the code.

The snowmen had me literally LOL.  My daughter bought me a set of those glowing suckers when she was little.  hahaha!  Thanks George :)

You're welcome Kos :) you have a great day and a fabulous holiday

Thanks, George,  I works great now!   It would be better if the Module names were not behind the lights but I really appreciate your tip and code.

That's strange I've never seen it do that before.  Try adding this to the code and see if it does the trick.

.xg_module_head {z-index: 111111 !important;}

.xg_module_head H2 {z-index: 999999 !important;}

This is an oldie but still a goodie; creating a Ning holiday card

Fall is in the air.  Is it time to resurrect this subject?  Halloween is just around the corner.  What can we come up with?

My site is fairly straight laced so I'm using something like this for now. Thought I'd share.  Found at


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