in the members category discussion it was suggested by mark from ning (i think) that i could use an @import statement in the css to pull in css from an external file into tyhe css box

i have tried numerrouse variations with no luck

i tried the link method jensocial suggests but since its loaded inj the custom code not the css box it screws things up

i need some way to add more css without it loading late or weird

ant=y help?

and if i can get the @import to work is it best at the behginibg or end of the css box and can i move all css external?

can i also mix  external with css in the css box?

i need alot more info cause cant get it to work

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Hi soaringeagle,

The best option you have is the adbox above header using link method. It's unconventional and non-standard but it works and there's a slight delay on the changes, especially override styles. Jensocial is right, you can also place it in the custom code box, with the style or link tag.

You can try and use the @import rule on Pages by inserting it on the meta box using <style> tag.

Hope this helps.

i tried in custom code and it screwed things up ill try  the link in the ad box thnx..i hope it works

You're welcome. Let me know if it works for you.

Good day.

it did

in custom code like jen suggested i had alot trouble but in the ad box it workes fine  so thatsa lifesaver i literaly had 1 charachter space

hey, good to hear that it worked. 1 character left, really? :-)


yea to type the @i in import without it turning red i had to cut the code i added to the external

and that was with it all minified to the max (except the ie specific  code which broke when i minified it fir some reason)

lol i see. Yes, you can't add @import on the box, sadly.

glad im 1 of the few who still have root access for easy edits oh i had tyto use the full url to get it to work but thats ok

 oh i left out the media statement will that mess up the mobile site?

sounds great. oh with your Ning mobile site? I think it uses a separate css file.

thnx alot now i can finaly do some more tweaking

hey you're welcome soaringeagle. happy tweaking :-)


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