Good day!

I was wondering, is it possible to automatically (or manualy) send weekly (monthly or daily) newsletter to all my members with new blog post announces to their emails?

This will be very good point to make better engagement!

any thoughts ? 

PS My excuses if similar topic already was somewhere in community 

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Hey, Alex. You can send Broadcast Messages, although you will need to create those yourself. You can also turn on the Email Digest Beta. That is automated, although it is not a general digest of activity. It is a digest of content that you as member are participating in. Hope this helps.

worth every penny.

Cool service, indeed!

How did you make members emails export to put in mailchimp?

found it!

they have bridge from ning

Yes, and if you have any question, it's me the author... :-)

Hi Pierre! I do have a question, I am not able to find this "bridge" Alex is talking about,.How can I export my Ning emails to mail chimp? and most importantly, how do you add new members' emails? do we have to do it manually? I hope not!

Thank you for your help :-)

Xochitl @

This might lead you to it, Xochitl. Ning doesn't have a supported integration with MailChimp, so you would periodically need to update your MailChimp list manually. Hopefully, Pierre can help out if some of this is too complicated. 

Thank you Eric, I will get started with MailChimp~

Hi Xochitl!

To find the "bridge", go to my blog : It's in french, but with google translate you can understand the thing ;-)

This script enable you to synchronize your member databases from Ning to Mailchimp.

Technically this script is written in php so you must have a website to execute it. This may be a public website (if you have one) or a site local to your computer.

Once set, you can start it manually (by going to a specific address) or automatically launch on a regular basis (with crontab, for example).

For my Ning networks, I have choose to run automatically every 24 hours, so I can send an automatic email (with MailChimp, the feature is called "Autoresponders") immediately after the network membership.

Do not hesitate to tell me if you have any difficulties to install or configure ...

Bon Jour Pierre, Merci beaucoup! 

You could try my weekly broadcast template


Excellent idea! 


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