Yes I am being lazy in asking without looking! But I would like to know how I would go about downgrading from a Ning Pro account to a Ning Mini account.

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We have some info here. If you're still having trouble, you can submit a ticket here. If you have a ticket number from this process and can share it with me, I'll try to help expedite this for you.

Im mainly doing this becasue of the constant harrassment I am getting from warped and deluded people

as result I have had to privatise my site, the new delete function is a godsend but I would still probably need something that blocks ISPs. These people are all being reviewed for a legal defamation case, as they got hold of my personal email and have been continuously sending me hatemail for the last year or so, every time I block one person, someone else starts up. I don't want to manage a large site anymore as a result, and want to make it small and invite only due to the harrassment.

I dont have a ticket number no., and the link comes up in error?
Sorry if that link was broken. Try here and then let me know your ticket number and I'll take care of this for you if I can.
Ok without having to look at the account type differences, there are no chat rooms, events or groups on a ning mini are there. I am just asking to double check so I know what I have to move/copy paste elsewhere on my site in preparation for the downgrading. Is there anything else I need to do?
I would recommend looking at the differences. We do have an archiver app that you can use if you are concerned about losing anything, although that content will still exist if you downgrade. It just won't be accessible.
its ok, the reason I havent sent you theemial response yet is that I am spending time saving everything. At the moment I am moving everything from events and groups to the forums, Ive already made a secondary chat room and also removed the music player, so I'm getting there. When I have backed up everything I will go and send you the email for an account change, hopefully I can get it all doen by the end of the month!
The ticket number? I dont know if you mean the reference number that Ning has given me for the downgrade, but here it is: 00D8cCLt.5004EkeoQ
Thank you. I'll take care of it for you and back-date it to March 6th. Sorry this has been an issue for you.
I will be fine with it being dated when the next payment is made, that will do just fine, just charge the yearly $20 or whatever it is for the mini and I will be happy with that!


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