Aside from any political views about the and their approach to covering the news, I wanted to bring attention to their website and the way it is arrange. I honestly believe it is the ultimate social network. At least the way it is arranged to promote member engagement and showcase content.

Has anyone else spent any time on to and agree or disagree with this? I find myself on that site from time to time wishing I could make my community more like it. What tools are others here using to showcase content in a way that's relevant to increase time spent on website by your members?

I recently added Outbrain and that works pretty good, but always looking to add more tools to keep the members engaged.


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I'm on the Huff all the time.  I love how their subtabs spread out in two columns instead of one big long list.  I'd love to know how to do that!

Their site is clean and uncluttered, but still FILLED with all kinds of info.  If you didn't look at it really closely, you might think it was a super-coded Ning.  It has a lot of similarities in look and layout. 

Great site. No wonder it has a PR of 7.

it's also one of the top 100 most visited on the net according to alexa.

Never looked at the home page before today, someone usually sends me a link to an article which I read and then leave.

You could customize your network the same way. I've seen plenty of Ning networks that don't look like Ning networks at all. Despite my best efforts, I think my network still resembles a Ning network. I'm looking at the networks at Nings competition, and they are looking awesome as hell! 

How did you setup the permalink for Outbrain?

that was installed by my good friend Jen of Jen Social:

Good luck,

awww, made me smile, the "good friend" part.

Me too,




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