So I finally found the same question from someone else, but no one responded so I am asking again. I have a few requests to increase the length of the status update on their "my page" which is 140 characters. Can I do that?

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thats the whole point we want to be or why cant we be the only networks that offer it all.and then some..if facebook has more count then why not follow facebook..?who in the right mind does what #2 is doing(except for ning)their special ..once again would you want your member to post some thing in it entirely from your network..instead of having a 140 count limit to a network that he is most likely not just saying play the percentages..twitter followers most of them or there phone anyway..

LOL I hear ya bro. My prediction, too is G+ is going to destroy Twitter.

there is a solution for that.. It's called "share-a-blog-instead" ...

@Speed Racer, I think what Champion, Solo and everyone else is saying is that increasing the length of the status update will make our sites more competitive.  People don't "blog" their statuses on FB but they do have room to say what they have to say without getting cut off.  But what I'm finding on my site is that people want to promote as they do on FB but don't have the same amount of room so they wind up just going there for all they're communicating. 


I spoke with a Ning rep yesterday and they said that those interested in seeing this change should suggest the feature be added.  Let's  bombard them with this suggestion so that we can be successful at making our members more comfortable with our sites than with others.

I'd like a little more length too.  Too restrictive as it is.

Joe, tear down this wall. lol

Why does Ning care how many characters I want on my site. Offer the option to choose

Example :

140, 250, 500, 1000 or lose business.

It's my site I pay for it. Why sabotage your own business. I need space yesterday. Help us now or lose us forever!

Indeed Maya!  But apparently no one from NING is listening to us so I guess we'll have to just start searching for someone to build our networks from the ground up to allow for more flexibility.


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